the dog-that-could-have-been & a few sweet caroline

If you didn't read yesterday's post about our "dog story," then you may want to check that out. In the two and a half days that we had her, we did manage to snap a few pictures. These captured her absolute adorableness :) as I mentioned. However, even while looking at those puppy dog eyes [I think I finally understand that idiom now], we still think we made the right choice...so it most definitely was the right one. But without further adieu....the puppy [she was actually 13 weeks...so not a tiny, rolly-poly thing by any means].

A sight many thought they would never see :) I could pet her when I had gloves on, but sitting on the floor with her still made me slightly nervous.
She really did like this guy. Who doesn't though :)

Oh little dog, don't look at me with those eyes. Trust me, I guarantee whomever ends up with you will love you more than I ever could have. And Brent is enjoying his sleep. And I like that I get to spend time with him again. You would have been in your kennel all day and you would have grown to hate us for it. It was best. Good bye.
And if you thought THAT was cute...get a load of my sweet chunk of greatness--Miss Caroline! Our time together was entirely too short, but unless she lives with me I think that may always be the case. Oh how babies are INFINITELY better than puppies!
Mom got her this stroller for Christmas...for her baby dolls. But she thought it was HILARIOUS to plop in it and be pushed around...she laughed and laughed, understanding that it was so silly that she would be riding in her baby's stroller!

And when it wasn't play time it was time to help Papa. She followed him everywhere. Here she is helping him stoke the fire [don't be nervous folks, all good country girls need to acquire this skill early]

Step one: put logs on the fire and toss in a match [Big C is holding her favorite toy here...the box of matches]
Step two: Stoke the flames by blowing on them. It helps if you wear a pink necklace while doing this.
Step three: Warm your hands by the fire before closing the doors. It also helps if you wear leopard print socks.
Step four: Very carefully shut the door.
Step five: Remind Papa that he needs to close the damper. [She really did point to this before he even reached for it. Smart cookie.]
One of the benefits of visiting Nana and Papa is that you get to sit on the counter and scavenge off of whatever food you may find up there.
I don't know who gets more of a kick out of who?!

And I concur once more: BABIES ARE INFINITELY BETTER THAN PUPPIES :) Maybe I should get me one of those instead!?


Kali said...

Oh these pictures are wonderful! I didn't feel like I got many good ones this time...so I'll just steal yours again if that's okay.

Also, the dog was cute but babies are absolutely 100 times more wonderful. And I agree entirely that you sould get one. It's really quite simple ;-)

*carrie* said...

Glad you feel affirmed in your puppy decision. Gloves? So funny!

I had to smile because Natalie received both a doll stroller (that she wants to ride in, but it doesn't look as sturdy as C's) and a plastic teapot! =)

Happy new year, Kelsey!

Barb said...

I think you should get two babies.

julie said...

i vote for babies as well! (for you guys, I mean!)

Elizabeth said...

that dog is too cute! i'm proud of you for going through with that choice in the first place. my, how you've grown. :)