Things I could probably be better about buying more frequently

I am frugal...well, some say "cheap." [Actually some of us ladies in my small group in Louisville were swapping stories of our frugality while our husbands talked in the kitchen drinking nothing but water, obviously. Anyway, we were chatting away and laughing at how ridiculous we are when I shared my lemon story. Apparently this topped them all as they each called their husband into the room and had to let him know that they weren't that bad. Long story short, at our apartment in Louisville I had a garbage disposal. Loved the thing. But as you may very well know garbage disposals often get a horrible stench that is difficult to get rid of, but lemons solve the problem. Pop a couple wedges in there, hit the switch, and in no time it smells citrus-y and wonderful again. So one time when Brent and I went out for supper I ordered, as usual, a glass of water with lemon [you can probably see where this is going]. They put about three wedges in my glass. By the time we were leaving I had drank two glasses of water and had six wedges of lemon. I know lemons only cost about 50 cents, but here was practically a whole lemon in front of me [and already cut!]. I simply got a couple of napkins, wrapped them up, explained the situation to Brent, and plopped them in the disposal when we got home. And that was apparently the story to top all stories. Okay, so I like to pinch a few pennies :)].

This trait of mine has led to some crazy things. You remember the soap story, don't you [also here]? Well I have noticed lately that there are certain things that I try to stretch so I don't have to buy them very often.

One of these things is gum. Simple enough. Cheap enough. But in college the $1-2 per pack seemed pricey just for the luxury of fresh breath! :) So I came up with a solution; I began tearing each piece of gum in half. By my senior year a whole piece of gum just seemed excessive and was difficult to chew. When I did my student teaching even my students knew this and one cut a pack of gum in half for me and gave it to me as a gift! I realize this is a little ridiculous, but it cuts the price in half and prolongs the pack! Brent eventually got so used to me only chewing a half piece that he started to as well [poor guy]. We are a half piece of gum family. I'm sure our kids will inherit this trait.

Another product I have a hard time buying are razor blades. Brent and I both use Venus Embrace razors [I'm sure he is THRILLED that I just divulged that information]. These are very nice razors but the cartridges cost $20 for 6 of them! This just seems ridiculous. So we use them as long as we can possible stand it, until they are practically so dull they just massage our skin but don't cut anything! And then I finally break down and spend the $20. I would say we probably only buy 3 packs a year. Okay...as I type this I'm beginning to realize I may have a problem.

Product number three would have to be lotion. Now, don't get me wrong...I'll buy it if we need it, but I will stretch a bottle or tube of lotion for all it is worth. I will cut the tops off of them, just like my mama taught me, and seal them with a bag until I have scraped every drop out. For real.

Oh and lint rollers. They are a beautiful creation, aren't they? I love when I have this handy invention around. However, when the rolls run out I don't rush to the store to buy more. I think it is because I have found that tape will do the same trick, just not nearly as conveniently. But I always have tape of some sort lying around. And I I put off buying yet another product.

Haircuts! Oh goodness. I probably shouldn't admit that I only get about two haircuts a year...sometimes just one. The last time I got my hair cut was in June. Since my hair is curly, split ends don't really show, and neither do specific lengths of hair. If one layer outgrows another, not even I can tell! And Brent hasn't had a professional hair cut since we've been married. Thank you, $20 hair kit.

And since we're talking about hair I should probably inform you that I haven't bought shampoo or conditioner since 2008! In the fall I purchased 2 new bottles and before the week was over one of my coworkers gave me a 32 oz. bottle of shampoo and conditioner [she had just gotten a perm, so she bought hair care products for curly hair, but then the perm didn't really take]. I used those until we moved at which point I found the bottles I had purchased just before she had given me those. I am almost out of them, but my mom gave me two very large bottles recently of a product she had wanted to try but just didn't like! So although I have bought shampoo for Brent, I have not had to buy any for myself since the Fall of 2008. It really is a miracle. Kind of like the soap.

I could probably continue but I feel the need to shut my mouth. I am probably just going to go squirt a pea sized amount of toothpaste on my toothbrush [who's bristles are long past needing replaced], put on some sweats I've had since high school, and fall into a blissful sleep. Saving money doesn't bother me one bit :)


Barb said...

You are such a Schoon.

Sharon said...

That's my girl!

Brent said...

I have to sneek my pop fix here and there...i'll find some change laying around and use it to buy pop at the gas station sometimes...that way she can't see the transaction like on a debit card or something :) That's not dishonest or anything...I know she doesn't think $2.00 for a 16 oz is worth it, but I do sometimes and don't want to hear..."You spend 2 bucks on a pop and you could have bought a liter for $1.69 probably. Then, I'm thinking "No I couldn't buy a liter because then I'd have to bring it home. :) All this to say, I'm thankful she's like that because it's better for me to only have it every once in a while. It's a treat that way and healthier. Thanks Kels.

Anonymous said...

That gum story is funny! Grandpa Schoon liked to chew gum but he chewed only about 1/4 of a stick at a time! I chew about 1/3 of a stick, and you are right - a whole stick seems like a BIG wad of gum in my mouth!! Guess you are a Schoon!! Love your blog! And you!

Aunt Lois

Momiss said...

I am wondering if Brent hides in dark parking lots or drives around until he has finished the bottle and disposed of the evidence. ;)
Very funny post! Glad you are doing it more often.

DPJ said...

Okay, true story...when I got home from childcare today, there was a "gift" waiting for me inside my front door. It was a roll of aluminum foil and a box of straws from my neighbor, both with notes explaining why they are DISPOSABLE products and not meant for re-use. This after Dan divulged a bit of my own frugality a couple days ago. And to that I say - thanks for the gift, neighbor! I'll make it last a looooong time.

DPJ said...

That last comment was Kali...apparently I forgot to sign out of Dan's account.

Jillian said...

oh Kelsey! Someone who can finally compete with my frugal nature! Miss you guys and your funny lemon stories!

*carrie* said...


Love this post, and I can definitely relate! Although I do agree that the lemon story is a bit extreme! =) I'm sure you'll be able to appreciate that Sara J gave me a box of Glad Press and Seal for Christmas in 2004 (because she knew I'd never buy it!), and I just finished the roll last year!

My sister gets free/super cheap nice razors at CVS, etc., all the time, and send some to me! In fact, I think I have an extra package of Venus ones that I would be willing to exchange for an hour of babysitting! =)