brief Christmas update

I wanted to put up a few pictures before it is officially 2011. Here are a few moments from our Christmas. I will write more later and still plan on doing a year in review with pictures.

Also: We had a basketball game this morning and the girls won by three! I may have a heart attack before I'm 25.

Our "family photo"/self portrait. We tried the timer and failed miserably.
Our lights :) Brent did a great job hanging the icicles lights... we had a few chunks that occasionally didn't want to work, and the strand over the garage to the right never worked. Bummer. But they looked fantastic!
Christmas morning Brent unwrapped this guy:
A stuffed dog named "Atticus." :) Attached to his collar was a note to Brent that he could get a real puppy. This has been something he has always wanted...and something my fear of dogs has kept at bay. Well, I decided--and changed my mind a million times-- that Brent doesn't ask for much at all...and so I REALLY surprised him! We immediately started looking at puppies and in about 5 minutes Brent is going to walk through the door with our new little boxer puppy [girl...so we couldn't name her Atticus.] More of an update on this later. And yes, I'm terrified.
We did spend Christmas day with my family and Brent's. It was wonderful. And our nephews are excited about our new puppy. Heck, they were pretty excited about this stuffed one too! :)
I hope your Christmas' were all fantastic! We are going to celebrate with my family today and tomorrow... the joy just keeps on coming!

Happy New Year as well...
And Happy Birthday, Lesa!


Jillian said...

What an awesome surprise for Brent! Ironically enough, Travis completely surprised me at Christmas, bringing home a 1 pound cockapoo puppy!!! So exciting and fun---I am sure you are loving your puppy as much as we are---let us know if you find any tricks on housetraining!

Pamela said...

Love that surprise. What a sweet wife for being willing to conquer your fear. "Love is the condition in which the happiness of the other person is essential to your own."