oh goodness

Today I had a "snow" day. Ice day is more like it, but the snow is apparently on the way.

So like many a snow day before I set to work. I hate being too lazy [although I do let myself sleep in]. I made blueberry muffins [with pancake mix! more on this later], and then began grouting our newly laid tile counter top. And grouting and grouting. If you have ever grouted you know this is no fun. And it literally hurts to type because my fingers are raw and dry. But the counters are looking fantastic. Pictures later.

I was nearly finished with one area of tiles, and decided I would finish up, then clean up the mess that had been accumulating in the kitchen since the project began. Last night Brent and his dad put in our new sink. I had been waiting for 2 weeks! to get it because we had to special order it, and I was getting a bit fidgety not having an operating kitchen sink. It looks great and the boys did a fantastic job of putting it in. Fantastic. So today I also enjoyed doing dishes. I enjoyed it. What was the poem above the sink, Schoon girls?

Anyway-- so my day is going swimmingly.

And then I hear water. I thought I had maybe, in my excitement over the new sink, left the faucet running. I peek my head around the corner and see that the faucet is off. I glance at the dishwasher. Possibly while I was grouting I bumped the timer setting and it was now running. Nope. Then I step completely around the corner and see it. Water spewing forth from under the cabinet doors below the sink. Spewing. I run over, shouting I'm sure, fling open the doors and am forcibly sprayed in the face. I see the part that has come loose and try to screw it back. Yeah right! I only get drenched more.

So I'm running around in soggy slippers, crying hysterically at this point. Hysterically. I try to get Brent on the phone but he is on the way home from work with awful service. After two attempts I get through and I'm in hysterics and we can barely communicate but eventually I figure out what he means and I find the water shut off...outside, in my sopping clothes and tshirt. There is more chaos, needless to say, but I get it turned off. Then run back inside and grab towels and whatever I can find and go to work. I try to call mom or dad to get them to bring their shop vac but can't get them. Finally I get Dad. I get out, "There is water everywhere, I don't know what to do...." and my phone dies. Seriously. It dies. I find the charger, plug it in, call him back, and he heads over. Brent comes home and sets to work, then dad shows up, and we get it taken care of.

Drama drama drama. If it isn't one thing....as they say.

Anyway, We made a quick trip to Lowes to get a part, and Brent has us up and running again. However, we are both very nervous that the pipes will just burst at the seams while we are peacefully sleeping! We are holding our breaths [but they shouldn't!]

Goodness and goodnight!


Barb said...

Thank God for dirty dishes, they have a tale to tell. While others may be hungry, we're eating very well.

There's more...don't remember that part. I did my share of dishes on the farm. Grandma always had a knack for finding more just when you thought you were done...

I'm sorry about your water catastrophe!

Aunt Linda said...

The ending is...

With home and health and happiness we shouldn't want to fuss,
For by this stack of evidence, God's very good to us.

Amen (OK, I added that.)

Sharon said...

That little paper clipping was completely yellowed and if I remember right, it was covered with cellophane tape to keep it dry (long before the days of laminating things!) - from all the dishwater splashing up on it, of course. Oh Mom, I miss you.

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