school metaphors

As I sit to write this post a car alarm is going off outside. Apparently the owner of this car is not around or simply does not care. I feel like, however, that this incessant alarm is perhaps a metaphor for my own mind right now.

School begins tomorrow. As in, students will walk into my classroom, take their seats, and stare at me in hopes that I will lead them into their bright and glorious futures.

And the siren begins again!!

Okay, maybe I am being a bit dramatic, but this evening when I kick my feet up, a few moments later a throw my hands to my temples and this thought crosses my mind like the car alarm, "TOMORROW?!!! SHOULDN'T YOU BE DOING SOMETHING?!!?!"

I think the answer is, "No." But then I panic and wonder if it should be, "Yes." It's like when you're pulling out of town on a long trip, and you immediately get that feeling in your gut that you forgot something very important on the dresser back home. And so you begin going through the mental checklist of everything you should have packed and everything you know you packed...

It's kind of like that. But I'm not driving away and when all 110 faces see me tomorrow, I can't say, "OH!! That's what I forgot! Hold on, let me run to Wal-Mart!"

However, I'm hoping if I did forget anything that it's like forgetting your pajamas...you can always just substitute an extra t-shirt or something. I'm just hoping I didn't forget my deodorant or my jeans or my phone! (Sorry if I'm too far into this metaphor for some of you!!)

When I left school today though, I felt like everything was in order. I'll take some Tylenol PM tonight, and hopefully awake excited rather than nervous. I do feel more prepared than last year, yet the first day seems so important because you have their attention better than any other day of the school year!

Okay, all of this mumbo jumbo to say this:

School starts tomorrow. Please pray for me if you have a minute. Thanks.

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Joan said...

I am always praying for you, and especially for tomorrow Kels. It's in our weakness God's strength shows through, so lean, Kelsey, lean. I especially like the card tricks you're bringing to the classroom, now you are an Irwin.

Are you watching the meteor shower in Louisville tonight,(probably not since you're not the science teacher) ours is showing 12 midnight to 5 am. Ask Brent if he remembers laying on the trampoline in junior high watching meteor showers? Love Marme Joan