quick, quick, quick

Because life is currently coming at me fast and furiously, here is a quick update:

* Brent's shoulder: About the same. He is beginning to get used to the awkwardness of using his left hand all the time. And is slowly getting used to the nagging pain. He had an appointment with a specialist who said she doesn't want to go the surgery route, and he will see her again in a week and a half to know what the next step is. For now, I will continue to help him tie his shoes. (And my mom sent him an awesome care package today complete with some sweets, some suduko, golf magazines, and even KU flip flops! Thanks mom...you made his day!)

* Brent's interview: Brent interviewed in the Sport's and Fitness Department where he interned. He felt he answered the questions well, but it was different than other interviews because they knew him so well; they knew where his weaknesses were and so they could grill him. But he felt like it went as well as it could, and now we'll wait (again), and hopefully this time not for another month and a half to hear anything!

* Brent and Kelsey: As you can imagine, this has been stretching us... I hope in good ways. It is humbling for Brent, and a test of my patience, both qualities that we hope to grow in. We have spent a lot of time laughing at some humorous situations this has put us in, a little arguing with waning patience and sleep, and more praying that this would strengthen us as a couple. We were able to go to a Bat's game on Tuesday night with some friends (the local minor league team), and it was great for us to get out of the house and have some fun (unfortunately riding in the car is very painful for Brent).

* Writing: I have started writing again with my students. I forgot how much I love it. It is nice to finally have the taste of a story or poem in my mouth to swish around for awhile. I figured if I expect them to write daily, that I should get back in the habit as well. Hopefully I will complete a piece and post soon.

* Teaching: I had a beautiful moment yesterday, as my students were working on a project in groups and I was walking around the room touching base with them. I stopped in the middle of the room, looked around, and thought to myself, "How lucky am I to have a job like this? What a great job this is." A different tune than this time last year, I know :) Today we worked on descriptive writing and I was so encouraged by what they were coming up with (I see cherry red desks with speckled gray tops like pepper. or, from a special ed. student, "The walls are bright white with a texture like freshly fallen snow"). I get excited when great writing happens in my classroom.

* Swine Flu: We officially have our first confirmed case in our school. Awesome. Don't worry, I am frequently washing my hands, getting sleep, and eating healthy.

* Recent Ponderings: Does it ever get easier to get up in the morning? Will I ever feel like I have enough professional clothes to choose from? Is trying to figure out what to make for supper each night always going to be so difficult? What will my new niece and nephew look like?

It is shortly after nine...and I am going to bed. Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!


Anonymous said...

In answer to your ponderings, no, no, yes, and amazingly beautiful!

Can't wait for some more writing.

Love you! ~Mom

Micah Wolf said...

No it does not get easier to get up....really never.
Maybe I can help with that professional wardrobe..... I won't be wearing clothes as often since I'll be in the pool all the time...(I kind of got sad at that little thought this morning) but I guess I'll have less laundry