baby project

Once I had this idea in my mind, I couldn't help myself from making it! Brent's beautiful sister, Beth, is having a baby boy at the beginning of September. Although I have been able to find some cute little outfits for him, nothing quite screamed, "HENRY!" like these onesies I made.

I went to a thrift store (my favorite one in OC), and found a few ties. I then cut them and made faux knots before putting them on the onsies:

The finished project turned out almost too cute for me to mail off!
I even cut a little strip and put it around the neckline to look like it was going around.
I'm sure Henry will spit up all over them and they won't last too long, but I had so much fun making them and was happy Beth and Eli liked them. Hopefully they at least last for one great photo shoot!

Update: Brent is still very uncomfortable, sore, and in pain. We weren't able to get an appointment yesterday, but have one scheduled with the specialist on Monday. I will keep you updated.


Anonymous said...

Very cute, Kelsey!! Sorry to hear that Brent isn't doing any better. Let me know how things go on Monday (I'll be is S.F. w/Grandma but call anyway.)
Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Very cute! You better look into marketing it...haven't seen anything like it...and I've seen a lot of baby boy stuff...we've got a cute one!
Love, Carol Wolf

PS Saw Brent's mom at Kohl's today...she didn't say anything about him being hurt. Sorry to hear about it...but know he's got a cute nurse at home.

*carrie* said...

Fun idea, Kelsey. Glad you had an encouraging first week with students!

Ana-Lou said...

;-D Love "ONE OF A KIND HENRY" ONESIES! They fit right in with the other one of a kind creations from last weekends shower!!!

Praying for aa spectacular 09-10 for the "Blue Grass Irwins" :-D

Micah Wolf said...

love them! so very creative!

just the usual noises said...

We did love them, Kelsey you are so amazing and I couldnt have picked a more perfect gorgeous intelligent wife for my little bro! thanks again, and stay creative!


praying for the boy...