flash flooding

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For those of you that didn't hear about our crazy weather yesterday, we had a major rainstorm which caused severe flash flooding.

Yesterday morning I had a meeting at 8:30, so I was on the road when the first wave of this storm hit. Louisville's last big flood was in '97, and they reported to have 12 inches in about 30 hours. Yesterday morning we received 6 inches in an hour long period!!! It was slightly scary. We received another round of it mid-afternoon which wasn't as bad, but of course didn't help the problem. My mom called and said that my Uncle Creighton had called her and said, "Please call your Kentucky Daughter and check on her for me?!" I wanted to snap some pictures to document:

I took these pictures that the news were showing. Downtown had a lot of areas completely underwater. The entire UofL campus and Churchill Downs too!

Out on the porch, checking it out.
I took a picture looking out, not thinking you'd actually be able to see the rain...but sure enough! It was raining very hard (and this was the "lighter" afternoon rain!)
Brent decided he probably needed to go outside and check it out. Crazy man.


Elizabeth said...

is that brent's rain outfit? it's sleek. rain runs right off.
oh brent. i miss you both!

Brent said...

I'm always sleek Becker...no matter what I'm wearing :)