first day of school number 19

As most of you knew by reading my last post, today was my first day back to school as a "veteran" teacher (although I don't truly think I've earned that title quite yet!)

All of your prayers today were a "blessed assurance," and were felt. I woke up earlier than I normally do (because I actually shower on the first day of school... not kidding, besides the last day this is the only day I shower in the morning all year!), and so I was able to listen to Chuck Swindoll as I got ready. And, believe it or not, he said these exact words: "So if you feel unprepared, the Holy Spirit will guide you. The Lord uses us when we are weak." So, basically God broke open the roof, knocked on my head and said "HELLO?! I'm here. Don't worry."

The day went really well. I won't bore you with all the details, but I think it will be a great group. One story: I had placed an index card on every desk for their first assignment upon entering the room. I was standing at the doorway assigning them seats as they walked in, and waited about 30 seconds after the bell rang to make sure everyone had made it. When I closed the door and turned around there was absolute silence and EVERYONE was already working on the assignment!!! I stared at them for a second or two, and then said, "You are my favorite class." Ha ha! What a beautiful moment to have on the first day!

Growing up Dad always made sure to take pictures on the first day, so throughout college I continued the tradition. On my first day last year I didn't have a camera, but Brent snapped these quick shots this morning before I headed out the door. Enjoy Dad!

Thanks again for your prayers, and just so you know, they are welcomed on day 2 and day 178 for that matter! :)


Kali said...

Love the pictures - and that dress is super cute on you! Like I said, just keep it...but that does not go for all of my other clothes you currently have on loan :) Glad you have the first day under your belt!

Anonymous said...

You must have a reputation for being mean or something judging by what those kids did. Good for you - keep it up! By the way, I don't think I ever had a teacher as cute as you!

Love you. ~Mom

Micah Wolf said...

I agree totally....cute!!!! love the dress, love you. thanks for taking the time in your first day of school to check on me.

Dad said...

You look good Kels but where is the Cinderela lunch bucket?