For those of you that are unaware, Louisville has the biggest fireworks show in the country every year to kick off 2 weeks worth of Derby celebrations. It is called "Thunder over Louisville" Another big part of this celebration day is a large airshow. Thunder was this past weekend:

We did not want to face the large crowds (700,000 this year!), and even though the show is spectacular, we decided to make it a day with friends and barbecue and games.

We decided to do kabobs on the grill and they were delicious. I also brought some corn and potatoes to fill up the big boys a little more :) (Question: Our friend Justin said that a man at the grocery store told him that kabobs cook better if you cook everything that is the same on a stick. I have done them before where I put peppers, onions etc all on the stick with the meat. What do you do and/or what is the best method? Regardless...they are delicious!)

Afterwards we headed to the fifth floor at the church where we could see, even though we were roughly 15 miles from dowtown, the fireworks. They set them off from barges on the river, and a lot are set off from the bridge that connects Indiana and Kentucky (which is why we are called Kentuckiana...which I hate, if I haven't mentioned that before). It really is an impressive show.

We actually had friends drive from Joplin to come watch, and they were planning on driving back to St. Louis to spend the night that evening. Well, traffic is ridiculous leaving town, so they ended up crashing at our place and going to church with us Sunday morning. It was a fun weekend, and Brent and I are thinking that maybe next year we'll brave the crowds to see the big event! (Want to come?)


Micah Wolf said...

I bet that was a lot of fun! And I have also always cooked them all together, and it works!

Anonymous said...

Hey lady,

Quick kabob comment...I microwave the veggies just a bit...enough to make them crisp tender. Then I let them cool and put them on the kabobs. That way they aren't super crunchy when your meat is done and you still get the yummy grill flavor on 'em. :) Hope you enjoyed a day or two off of school for this big horse shindig! Trish