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I thought it was interesting when I realized that I would be on N around the time of Easter because the word "new" just seems to scream at me during this favorite holiday of mine. Because of Easter/ because of what Christ has done we have a NEW hope in which we can live. (Sunday our pastor said that HOPE is mentioned 71 times in the new testament... and only ONE of those times is BEFORE the resurrection of Christ). What a hope we have in being NEW creations in Him...the weak is now strong and death is now life! (Here is our Easter picture)

I hope you all had a blessed Easter!

N-Laws: (getting creative)

This was the first major holiday that Brent and I would not be going home to celebrate, but we were fortunate enough to have Beck and Joan (his parents) come to visit us. It was so great to have family around, and when I'm around these two incredible people I understand more why Brent is the patient, kind-hearted, and thoughtful person that he is. Thanks Beck and Joan, for everything! (I will post pictures when I get home to upload them... I'm here late today for Student-Led conferences...actually, here late every night this week except Friday for something! )


For those of you that didn't know, today is my birthday (and it's completely okay if you didn't know). This is the first birthday that I am spending married. Brent knows the past birthday traditions of my family: waking up to a homemade sign from my dad, a crepe paper decorated dining room, a cake by mom....Ever since those birthday's of my youth I have felt slightly disappointed when I wake up on my birthday.

Well, not today! Brent has made an incredible effort to make me feel loved and appreciated (he may someday regret having expending this much energy on the FIRST one...and maybe should have built up to it :) I was a little bummed that I would have to be at school until about 7 on my birthday, thinking the day would be wasted on meetings and papers...

When I woke up and walked out of our bedroom door I was inundated with sticky notes! Everywhere there was a note saying how much Brent appreciated me and was wishing me a happy birthday- on the clock, on the TOILET!, on the mirror, on my lunch he had packed for me the night before, in my school bag, on my cell phone (everywhere he knew I would look in my rushed mornings). Then!, after driving to school already feeling blessed I had a knock on my classroom door at about 8:45...in walked BRENT with an ICE CREAM CAKE (only my FAVORITE!) He had brought plates and everything and we shared the cake as a little breakfast treat! (It said, "Happy Birthday Kelsey" but we made a mess of it before I took a picture!)He then gave me a present (as if he hadn't done enough)... TWO seasons of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.! A show me and my college roommates LOVED, but one that I never owned. (Season 3 and 6 if you were wondering). He also gave me a Starbucks gift card, showing me that he knows me oh-so-well! He hung out for awhile, and then, unfortunately, he had to go to work and I had to run copies and make plans for today.

I have also had several student bring be cards and treats! One student even gave me a package of double stuffed oreos and a picture frame! I feel so blessed and loved today.

Thanks Brent, for making this such a wonderful day!

Nathan and Natalie: (From my trip to Iowa! I used to babysit Nathan and I got to meet his sweet sister. I painted him the canvas for his room, and he seemed to like it. How cute are they?!)


Micah Wolf said...

I am so sorry I didn't get your gift to you in time....but I am so glad to see Brent took care of you! How sweet! Good job Brenters! 23! you are actually catching up to me!

*carrie* said...


Did you add the N+N pix later? Because I could have sworn I read this post (up until that point) in my Google reader. I ran into your Aunt Linda the other night and she said these pix had been on your blog, so I had to stop by and see for myself. I'll be posting them later this week . . .

*carrie* said...

OK, now I see the word updated--guess I should've paid more attention the first time! =)