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I am still going strong on "l"!


After getting back from Missouri, I still had a few days remaining of spring break. Brent and I have always enjoyed spending time together, and I think now we realize even more what a blessing time together is, after all the time we spent apart. One thing I absolutely love about being with Brent is his ability to make me laugh. He may seem like a quiet, serious guy at first, but there are times that I am just about to keel over he makes me laugh so hard. This was definitely the case throughout our time dating, and it is definitely the case now. I thoroughly enjoyed spending the remainder of my break with Brent laughing-- even if we were cleaning cars, cutting his hair, cooking supper-- it didn't matter! Thanks Brent, for the humor you bring to my life daily, and for never letting me take myself too seriously.


After writing about my observation of our unwilingness to branch out and "impose" a "hello" to others when travelling, I felt compelled to heed my own advice. I flew out of Kansas City into Chicago-- and from there to Louisville. Well, it was raining in all 3 locations which totalled about 2 hours worth of delays. I didn't change plans in Chicago, but me and baout 5 other passengers had to remain on the plan we had just landed in which woudl be our continued flight to Louisville. Most of us took advantage of moving to the front, and during this transition I noticed the guy behind me was reading a British Literature text book! Any good English major could not pass this up, and since we would be sitting there who-knows how much longer, I decided to "impose." I asked, by chance, if he was an English major...this sparked a conversation for the reander of the time on that plan. (I found out he even goes to KU--rock chalk jayhawk!)- from family to weddings, to books, to careers, to apple cider, we discussed a lot. At one poinw he said, "I always want to talk to people, but I just never quite know how to start a conversation!" Well, that is something I am good at, and even though I'll probably never see the kid again, it was nice to have a conversation with someone instead of merely bumping shoulders and staring at the clock for time to pass. I wonder how many other want to have a conversation but just don't know how to start?


Here are a couple of pictures I snapped while at home, where I feel loved so much!

It snowed pretty much the whole time I was home...and even though I was slightly jealous of my student's tans today, these sights were well worth seeing:
Mom and I even made a trip up to Baker's...and a trip down to the "toy basement..." Not a THING has changed since I was a kiddo:
There happened to be one dino-rawr left (see above linked story I previously wrote), so mom and I of course had to grab it! There were a couple rips in the stitching (imagine how long this thing has been around?!), so they cut us a deal: $4!
Paige drove us over to "the rock" where we used to walk when we lived in town. I remember barely being able to climb up the thing!
It is good to be at Aunt Linda's, where Blue Bunny Ice Cream flows like wine! (And they let you eat out of the carton! )
Oh, those who teach English! Supper with Trish and Tricia-- don't worry, we had food, not just glasses with ice...
Also: our "new" car! Why is this under "loved" you may ask? Because Brent's dedication to finding us a good car was truly a labor of love! Thanks Brent...it is wonderful!!

At lunch today I was discussing how much school is left (I have discovered that teachers do this just as much, if not more, than students), and we ahve 42 days left.... add in state testing, bless it's heart, and end of the year activities, and we ahve baout 20ish more full days of teaching! Woo hoo! I think it is time to say: I SURVIVED!


bridger said...

I was standing outside my house talking to Don Burns in the driveway and we thought we saw lightning. As we looked across the street, we saw three dark figures taking a picture on the big rock. I wondered who would be doing that after dark. Little did I know I would see that picture a week later on your blog. Talk about wierd. by the way... like the car!

Brent said...

As you wish...

Kali said...

Okay, 3 comments on the pictures...

1) You seriously had some snow! Mom made it sound like there were just a few flurries, but that pic at Grandma & Grandpa's looks like a pretty legit snow storm to me.

2) That dinosaur used to be a different color. Like, more neon. Perhaps 20 years in a basement has that effect.

3) LOVE the car! I'm so very happy for you guys - way to go Brent! Just stay away from power lines with ice.

*carrie* said...

Kelsey, sorry I'm responding late about the pix, which it's fine to use--maybe our kids could be your "N" post! =) Can you e-mail me the ones you got here?

Is that your parents' house in the top pic?--it's so cozy looking!

Jordan Deatherage said...

Hi Kelsey,
My name is Jordan and I work at Barkley, the PR firm for Blue Bunny ice cream. Since you seem to be a big fan of our products, I wanted to let you know about the iScream Team where you can get free coupons via email. You can sign up on our site above the search bar.