I wanted to post some pictures from my trip but I am feeling slightly unmotivated at the moment to actually get out my camera, plug it in, upload pictures...ya da ya da ya da...give me a break! It's my last day of spring break and then it's hi-ho-hi-ho...

You get the picture. But because I had envisioned using "kodak" for ' k' , because I have a "kodak" camera (clever, I know)...I thought I would still stick with the picture idea. I know this is kind of a long time in coming, but here is a website where you can go check out ALL the pictures to our wedding (or just a few if you'd like). There are several albums and ours obviously is "Brent and Kelsey Wedding." It will say that it is locked but there is a "hint" to unlock it and it's just initials. Enjoy! Let me know what you think/ if any of you would like some (as I still haven't placed an order...woops!)


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