monotony, maybe, and moment

a b c d e f g h i j k l M! (although looking back I realize I never did "a"): Those of you who have just joined us on this alphabetic journey, welcome.


For those of you that didn't notice, I changed my background. I believe this is the 4th, maybe even 5th time I have changed my blog's background. I am not sure why, but I can't stand the monotony of the SAME THING all the time. (Those of you who have blogs, please do not feel the need to change your background for me. I spend a lot of time on my page, thus the monotonous feelings that have arisen within me.)

Once I realized this feeling, I thought back to several things that have been like this in my life. First would be my bedroom I grew up in. My family members and elementary school friends could attest to this. I changed my room (which was NOT very big) more than I changed my underwear at the time (sadly enough, that just may not be an overstatement...which my friends and family members may also attest to)! In that small space my parents were gracious enough to let me "explore the possibilities" and BOY did I!

I can distinctly remember moving my bed in ever possibly position. This was an easy task as it was on rollers, on a wood floor, and was a twin. I could swirl that puppy around quick (Once I had spent the previous 4 days picking up everything off the floor-- I had a problem with this as well-- I remember I once found an egg that a fellow classmate and I had won an egg-drop contest with SEVERAL months earlier; I obviously felt a connection to the thing that I had saved from inevitable doom while being dropped from atop the slide, so I made a "nest" in my bedroom which eventually was buried...now, where was I? Oh yes...) So I would move my bed and "rearrange." But it didn't stop there...oh no! Not for this girl. I remember making a "reading corner" one time. I had a "pet net" (remember those?! See picture below) in one corner and around its edges, to enclose the space, I hung old gauze curtains and placed a lamp inside. I then hung a rainbow-streamer-thing (that is the best description I can give it, sorry), and I was in my own little world.One other ingenious decorating move that broke the monotony for me in that small living space was when I decided to collect "got milk" adds (and anything remotely related: i.e. cows, milk jars etc). Well, if you don't recall there were A LOT of "got milk" adds back in the day, and I soon had every available space covered...every...including my ceiling, dressers, closets, and a couple spaces on my windows. Wow. If I had pictures, I would post them. Mom and dad, thanks for not destroying my dreams and letting me create....however disturbing it may have been for you to walk in my room! ( I could write many more "decorations" I had throughout the years in my room...but lest I bore you with the details, or severely disturb you with them, I will move on).

Maybe: ?

Today was a big day...

Last night I stayed late at school and almost completed my KTIP paperwork (Kentucky Teacher Internship Program OR Kelsey's Trip Into Purgatory). This has been the longest, almost completely worthless "program." My dad usually says that stuff like this is just the big wigs wanting to hold hands and sing kumbiya (I don't think I've ever tried spelling that, so that is probably incorrect...but it's the song "Kumbiya, my Lord....Kumbiya" It's a different language. Whatever. Moving on.) Well, this was a little more than that. It required 100 documented hours outside of school (on top of what I already needed to do outside of school as a first year teacher), plus 50 hours in school meeting. This amounted to oodles of paper work, lesson plans, reflections ya da ya da ya da.

Moral of this story? I finished my last official document today! I still have to sit through the final meeting where they critique everything, but as one of the other teacher's said today, "Yeah, but by this point you've learned how to sleep with your eyes open, haven't you?" Another teacher who went through this horrible process last year said she is going to take Brent and I out to celebrate!

(Disclaimer: I know this sounds like I have a horrible attitude, and maybe I do, but don't judge me until you have gone through KTIP. )

So, I MAY be done with this whole process. We'll see what they say...


When I was driving home today (in my "new" car), I noticed some of the trees that had already let out their buds had begun to wither a little. We had been having consistently gorgeous weather, and the grass has turned brilliant green, some early bloomers have sprung, and some trees have begun to sprout. However, yesterday and today were chilly which had an affect on these courageous sprouts.

I was wondering, how often do we rush into things before we should, like the early buds on the trees? We may have a week of 70 degree weather in our own lives and before we seek God's opinion in the matter, we do our own "sprouting." Wouldn't it be better if we let it soak in, then sought God to see if it was okay to come out? I have always struggled with patience, and today when I looked at the trees and realized some of them will suffer for their early blooms, I realized the beauty in being patient.


Anonymous said...

I look forward to the end of every day when I can check your blog.
When I am rewarded with a new entry, I enjoy every word. Thanks, Kelsey ... you made my day.
Love, A.L.

Micah Wolf said...

Larry King Live was the best Got Milk ad, though he was a bit creepy (aww that memory is from Easter weekend years ago? I wonder how many years ago that was exactly......I would guess 11?)

Kali said...

Your room was disturbing. I, on the other hand, never moved my bed once. While you created worlds with your hippie rainbow beads underneath your pet net, I spent far too long trying to organize the stuffed animals in mine. And I had a bird hanging from my ceiling that Dad put up for me one time...and that was pretty much it.

Perhaps my room was equally disturbing to you. But then again, I never played follow-the-leader by myself.

Anonymous said...

This is very provoking. I loved the brain food given today while reading your blog. Thank You so very much for your thoughts especially on moment! :-)

Sincerely "From th bottom of My liver!" - Ana-Maria Klundt :-)

Brent said...

The dark redish lettering on the side of your blog that link to other bloggers...really really hurts my eyes. Anyone else, or is it just me?

Brent said...

don't get me wrong I'm a fan of the blog :)