Good news

I received confirmation from the church today that Brent and his team have arrived safely in Ethiopia. They arrived their last night late (our time) and have already done quite a bit.

I received a brief email from Brent today (YEAH!) and he said that he gets many of the same feelings and thoughts from our trip to Jamaica 2 summers ago. He said, however, that when walking the streets he feels SAFER than when we were in Jamaica. ( He may just be saying that so I don't have to worry about him!) God is faithful.

Anyway, we are supposed to get some bad storms so I want to get out of this school building and not get stuck here. I'm doing okay (by the way)...I'll keep you posted. Sorry this wasn't a more lively post.

Oh...by the way-- one of my students shared from his writer's notebook today and apparently his uncle owns all the casinos in Vegas. I thought this was very interesting. (and another girl has shared in SS that her grandpa still owns slaves...) Oh the things 8th graders will say!


*carrie* said...


So glad to hear Brent made it safely!

Let me know if you're up for the project I proposed and I'll get the card in the mail to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey woman! I could read and read and read your words...they just sing...truly a gift!!!! I am glad Brent is safe and that you will be able to be in contact here and there. Like you said, funny how the distance was managable when you were not an US through marriage. I love you and miss you! Have a wonderful weekend. Use it to watch all kinds of sappy movies and to eat everything Brent doesn't like...:) Hugs! Trish S. :)