1 week down

A few things before Micah gets here for the weekend...

1. I got another email from Brent today. Sounds like they are doing great and really enjoying there time there. He didn't have time to write very much, but it was still SO wonderful to hear from him.

2. Locked my keys in my car yesterday, including apartment keys. Awesome. Got it all taken care of though.

3. I did a "booktalk" with my kids this past week. I wanted them to have a visual of everything they were discussing and have a way to know when they should be speaking and when not to. I remember doing something similar to this when I was in school, so I used yarn and formed a web. I thought it was going to be a headache of a day, but I sat with them in the circle and just listened. They asked questions, made insightful comments, and piggy-backed off of each other. It was beautiful, and refreshing, to watch. I even had a few students ask me the next day if we would be having a booktalk again. I was able to snap a couple pics after one block finished:

4. Gonna go make some pizza now for Micah and I. Tomato basil on her side, bacon ham on mine :)

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