back in the swing of things...

I think Brent officially feels like he is back in the routine, and I feel swamped as well. Oh well...life goes one. We have had friends over the past couple of evenings, both of which Brent nor I initiated. I suppose I like it that way-- it shows me that our friends are comfortable enough to invite themselves (and others) over...and even comfortable enough to ask, "So, do I need to eat before I come or do you have food?" and "May I do my laundry while I'm there?" We'll definitely miss these people as most are leaving when the internships expire in May.

Speaking of which...Brent and I still don't know for CERTAIN what next year is going to look like for us. I suppose FEBRUARY would be a little early for US to decide all that, now wouldn't it?! I did have to turn in a survey about whether or not I wish to return next year. Yesterday at an all staff meeting at the church Brent told me that our pastor said that they all should count their blessing for currently having a job. I know this is true (especially with what my family is still going through). So last night Brent suggested that maybe it would be best to stay here one more year since I have a nice job (even if I'm not totally cracked up about teaching 8th graders for the long term), and he can probably get hired on somewhere at the church. This will give us a year to transition and not panic and uproot like we felt like we did last year. This year has been tough with all of the changes, and I don't know if I'm in for another year like that. However, I dont know if I'm in for another year this far away from so many family and friends?!

Well, those are ramblings and thoughts and cries for prayer.

The school day is getting ready to start and I feel terrible today. Head cold, sore throat traveling to my stomach. BLUGH!

I just wanted to update a little bit of what has been going on. Hope to let Brent invade the blog shortly and put up some pics from his trip and some thoughts about that.

And I'll leave you with this thought: It's almost March....?????

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*carrie* said...

Thanks for the updates, Kelsey. Hope you'll feel better soon. N has a really bad cold/cough right now so you're in good company!