and he's off...

This morning was slightly difficult. Brent was gracious enough to wake up when I did in order to visit with me an appease my worries while I was getting ready this morning. We then said goodbye and I hurried to my car with tears in my eyes. I called him twice on the way to school. Once before class started, and at lunch. Okay, so I may be slightly pathetic.

I find it completely fascinating that we did this for 4 years in college. The goodbyes. The parting. The phone. The no phone. The...distance.

Although we made it through college, and grew through that experience, it is so much different on this side of marriage. We weren't us yet. I wasn't completely dependent on him yet. The two become one in so many more ways than I could have imagined and it is difficult to part, even though I know it's only 10 days...there are many who have to go much longer. I understand, and I don't want to demean any of those who have to go through that.

He called when they landed in Detroit before he boarded the plane for Amsterdam! He won't arrive until Wednesday afternoon in Ethiopia, but I probably won't hear from him until sometime later via email.

God is faithful. I know this. I just need to learn to live this. Thanks for your prayers, for him and for me! I'm headed off to some friends now and plan on camping out there for awhile. I don't do well by myself! Micah is making a trip here this weekend and that gives me something to look forward to...

I'll keep you posted as much as I can, but I will be in the dark as well :)


Anonymous said...

Remember how you lauged at me when I was so excited for Dad to get home after he'd been gone for however many days it was (even after we were old!)? I'm so happy that you have someone you love so much that now you understand. I know you "know" but that doesn't stop your heart from hurting. I'm praying for you and that guy that is somewhere "over the drink" right now. Love you both.

Anonymous said...

Welcome, dear Kelsey, to the Alumni of being "One" with whom God had foreordained.
I can say without hesitation that after 38 years of marriage, we feel the same way you do now if one of us spends any length of time away from the other.
It is something about being "One".
We love you and pray for you both that the time away from each other will seem short.
Your other Dad.