I Said Yes: Book Review

I was hesitant to get this book because I know it would mean I had to post a review which would mean I would have to share that I watch The Bachelor. I actually didn't watch Emily's season on the Bachelor, but I did watch her season of The Bachelorette, so I was intrigued by the fact that she published a Christian book and curious to hear her story.

First, let me say this: I am still wondering how Christian's balance their faith and the morals on this show, but then again I am watching it and I probably shouldn't be able to balance that either.

I read this book in about two days, but I always joke that if a book with a cover that is mainly pink takes me much longer than that than I am in trouble ;). But part of the reason I read it quickly was because it was an interesting story. If you don't know much about Emily, she grew up in an affluent family but moved around a lot. She met a guy young, was living with him/almost engaged to him when he was killed in a plane crash. She found out right after his funeral that she was pregnant. I do appreciate How she shares that she knows now she shouldn't have lived with him, that there is something sacred in waiting for marriage, but also how her daughter is absolutely not a mistake. After his death, her already shaky faith tries to find footing somewhere. She keeps searching, and searching. Like many women [and men] a part of her believes that that ache could be filled by someone else.

She very reluctantly goes on The Bachelor. She shares her journey there, as well as the faith questions she was wrestling with. Obviously, since she ended up as The Bachelorette, her relationship from The Bachelor went south pretty quickly. She shares about being The Bachelorette, and I enjoyed reading about some of the behind the scenes stuff. After her stint on television though, she begins to take her faith a lot more seriously. She picks up her Bible and starts reading what God has to say about her instead of the tabloids. And it is then, that she is allowing God's word to work in her that she truly becomes a follower of Christ.

It is in that moment that she realizes that this is the YES she should have been saying all along.

If you're looking for deep theological reading, this isn't it. But if you like real stories about people's lives, this is entertaining.

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