Baby bump 3: week 34

Dear baby,

It's safe to say I'm officially "nesting."  It's weird, because with my gig as a stay at home mom I feel like I'm always kind of nesting, but there is just more of a sense of urgency at the present. The frustrating thing is, I have to really be careful not to overdo it these days. I want to be able to work on organizing clothes and hanging stuff on the wall for three hours, but after thirty minutes by body is saying, "Stop. It. Sit down." So it's slow progress.  I did manage to get all of Becks' clothes and "stuff" out of your room this week, and have all the newborn clothes and stuff in there...it's still in boxes sitting around the room, but it's there and if you surprise us early I can easily dig and grab so we're set! I also hung up a few new decorations around the room to try and make it slightly different from before so that it is distinctly yours.

I am so tired these days. The end of pregnancy always brings fatigue, but I am having a hard time sleeping because you can't seem to quite get comfortable so if I shift, you start to shift, then I inevitably have to go to the bathroom and then we start the process over when I lay back down. Not to mention, your sisters are still trying to get used to sharing a bed room. It is going so much better, but there are still a few hiccups from time to time in the night. I am wondering if, once you shift and move and are head down, you'll move around a little less? I feel like Becks never stopped moving, and then she was 5 pounds 12 ounces and it made sense: she still had a lot of room! I wonder if you'll fill out, be head down, and stop the movement? Or if you'll be another little peanut and keep grooving until your debut? Your dad is so great about letting me sleep in in the morning though. He leaves for work a little before 8, which means I get to sleep until then, which helps a lot.

We have another appointment on Friday, and I feel like this is a big one because it's the last time I'll see my doctor before she goes on vacation for three weeks. So we have a lot to discuss, and I'm about 95% sure we're going to set an induction date. I still don't want to, but I also feel like it is the wisest choice for us at this time.

One funny thing: I have about 4 books that I want to read before your arrival. No, none of them have anything to do with pregnancy, but they are all in book form. When you come, and we're nursing, I have to relegate most of my reading to my Kindle because I can operate that with one hand...a book is a little trickier. I doubt I'll get them all read, but we will see! I am looking forward to the quiet little chunks of time throughout my day that I get to sit down and read while you nurse. It's no secret that I am not a huge fan of nursing, but reading while nursing? Fan! [On that note: I've really been praying you'll be an efficient and easy nurser. Just so you're aware.]

I love you. Every rib-jab and 2 a.m. trip to the bathroom reminds me our time is getting closer. Your dad said he is so excited for those early days in the hospital with you where he just gets to breathe you in. Me too.


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Hannah said...

As always, you look adorable! I see you and think, "Oh, I want to be pregnant again..." and then I snap out of it when Oliver wakes up for the 12th time in 20 minutes. :) Have fun with that nesting! Not too much longer before you get too breathe in that sweet, beautiful, wonderful, new baby!