Baby bump 3: 36 weeks

Dear baby,

As I was thinking about this week, I always try and think of something "significant" that I can report or share with you so you can remember this journey. And then I thought, "You know what is significant? THIS! YOU! The fact that God is creating you and allowing you to grow inside of me." Not only is that significant, but it is something so incredible that when I stop to actually think about it I can't even fathom it all. I don't ever want to take it for granted that we were able to do this!

My sinuses have been bothering me this week some [you may even notice the balled up kleenex in my left hand in this week's picture]. Fortunately it's not too bad at night, but just kind of a nuisance during the day. And has led to some bloody noses, which really concerns your sisters when they occur.

I'm really really trying to not do too much. It's hard because I'll feel fine and then BAM-- I feel like I need to sit down two hours ago. Your dad [and so many others] have really been great, but it's just hard for me to not do stuff. Especially when I feel like there is so much to do in these last few weeks. But here is reality: your carseat is clean [and room has been made for it in the van], your clothes are in their drawers, your stuff for the hospital is ready, your crib has been vacated. The rest of the stuff on my "to-do-before-baby-gets-here-list" can wait. I know that.

Another way that I know it's time for another baby? New phones! I'm joking, mostly. But the month we had Blythe we upgraded our phones. Two years later, the month we had Becks, we upgraded our phones. And guess what? Two years later... here we are with new phones, the daffodils are blooming, and I only can assume that means it is almost time. :) It really wasn't intentional, but just happened that way, but it has been nice to have a totally empty phone for all the pictures we will want to take of you.

Starting this week I will go to the doctor every week until your arrival. They will check and see if we're making any progress towards that end. This time, if she thinks that I am making enough progress, she may just make me stay in town so you don't come too quickly. In the past though I have never shown any signs of being ready until the big day, so we will see how you do.

We love you so much. The weather is so nice and the grass is getting green. The buds are plumping up on the trees. Signs of spring. A spring that I have waited for with visions of you.


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