Baby Bump 3: 37 weeks

Dear Baby,

Well, sweet one, it's been A WEEK. But first, let's start with the good stuff.

We were thrown an absolutely wonderful shower at the beginning of the week. Mommy's friend from high school, and now co-worker at the church, Becca, hosted a fun afternoon for us with all my favorite treats and a lot of my favorite people. Your aunt Kali and aunt Beth also happened to be in town and were able to come, which was extra great. I know you will be reminded often that you are the third child. You'll have hand-me-downs [your older sisters only wore hand me downs too!], and you'll get less attention, and you'll be over all deprived, ya da ya da ya da ;), but this day you were the center of attention and you did not lack for love. We have some truly awesome people in our lives. 

At our appointment this week, doctor said you had definitely dropped, which I could definitely already tell. :) I am dilated to nearly a three and making progress. Which is kind of crazy! With your sisters I never progressed more than a one before their arrival, so the "ticking-time-bomb" feeling was set off in me for sure after hearing that news.

We celebrated Blythe's fourth birthday this week too. We didn't do anything big, partly because she was sick [more on that in a minute], but mainly because I hadn't really planned on doing anything anyway because being on my feet for more than a minute is tiresome. But we had some family over, your Nashville cousins included! This was the first birthday party they've been able to come to. Your poor sister was pretty puny, but hung in there. It made me think of all the birthday parties we'll be having with you in the future...and how all of your birthdays will be so close that you'll probably have to be okay with sharing one party so I don't lose my mind. :) I know that before we know it you'll be sitting in your high chair chowing down on a big cupcake for your first birthday.

Now, for the crazy stuff. Blythe got really sick this week. Really sick. First she went to the ER, then later she had to go to the hospital and stay two nights. She was fighting off pneumonia. Boo. We've never had to do anything like that before, and while we were caring for her we were also concerned that you may decide to make your arrival. While we were at the hospital I was having lots of contractions. I knew I was just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the OB unit, which was comforting, but I also knew that your dad and I wanted to be with Blythe during that scary, unknown for her. I think it was a combination of little sleep and not enough water, because once we were able to come home my contractions slowed down... Just in time for us to take Becks to the ER when she spiked a super scary high fever too. And guess what? She had a touch of pneumonia too! Crazy! But hers wasn't as far along as Blythe's so we got her on antibiotics right away and she seems to be doing better.

Now I've got it. But, baby girl, your sisters are pretty much healthy [if you decide to come they'll still get to come meet you at the hospital], and so enduring this is a lot easier knowing that. I'm going to start taking some medicine, which means you'll get to take some too, so we'll all hopefully be healthy in a few more days. Our induction date is in a week and a half, so if you wait until then we should be good to go. If you don't wait until then, we'll still get through it. I don't really want to think about laboring and delivering right at the moment since I can't breathe very well, but if you need to come you need to come and I'll do it! We'll do it! And when, in a year, you're sitting there eating your cupcake at your birthday party we'll laugh and say, "Man, that was a crazy week!"

Here's to starting week 38! Hopefully it will end healthier than this one. Either way, your birthday will be so soon. We're exhausted already, so you may as well join the party :). I can't wait to hold you and love you on the outside.  And please please please please please be a good sleeper from the get go ;).


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