Baby Bump 3: Week 35

Dear Baby,

I seriously just wrote out "week 35" and then had to look at my calendar to make sure that was right?! 35!?! And yet...if I'm being completely honest... I feel that, even if it seems time as gone too quickly for that to actually be possible. But let me break down exactly what I mean by that:

The last stretch of pregnancy is always weird and hard in different ways. One, you realize there is nothing nine months about 40 weeks. You're at a point where you ache to hold the baby in your arms, as I do you, more than your back aches--which is a lot. Your body has been through soooo many changes in what feels like a short about of time: I mean, really, let's think about this with some perspective: I have a jar of mayonnaise in my fridge that's been there longer than it's taken you to develop in my womb. Woah. So my body is aching in ways I've never experienced before in a pregnancy. Which has been hard for me. It's been humbling for me. I am need of others help. And because my other two pregnancies were fairly easy, it's been hard to accept my limitations this time. But like I've said before, I also just emotionally feel more ready for you than I have in my other pregnancies, which does make the waiting harder.

At our appointment last week we had a lot of ground to cover with our doctor because it's the last appointment we'll have with her until the end of the month because she'll be on vacation. Your dad and I, after much much much talking and praying and seeking advice, decided to schedule an induction. This is exciting and terrifying to me because it is such an unknown. But we just felt like it was the best decision for you and me, knowing that we'll have the best help available when you make your arrival.

Speaking of your arrival, the other day your sisters and I were outside and Blythe and I were discussing robins and robin eggs. We talked about a robin egg we found last year that was cracked open, and she asked where the baby bird was. I explained that baby birds grow in eggs, like you grow in my belly.  Then I saw her looking at my belly--at you-- and I knew her wheels were turning. Her eyes got great big and she said, "Is your belly going to crack open?!"

I also started embroidering your name on a hoop for your room. Last night as I was making the stitches I thought about how God was still stitching you together in my womb and as I poked the needle in and out, in and out, I prayed over your traits again: Humility, Attentiveness, Generosity, and Faithfulness.

Oh, and last week I mentioned I had four more physical books I wanted to read before I relegate most of my reading to the Kindle while you nurse. Update: I am almost done with the third one, but I added one more to the stack. I think I can do it :). The weather is warming up [the best part of this week's picture is the flip flops!], and the buds are poking out on the trees. Spring is here. And spring means new life. And spring means it's almost time for your debut!

Love, Mom

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