Baby Bump 3: Week 32

Blythe wanted to join me for these pictures: mullet, too small pajamas, and all

Dear baby,

 We had a sonogram this week and you looked great! We think you may have your dad's nose, but I suppose their could be worse things in life ;). They measure different parts of you during these sonograms and then can estimate your size: it appeared you were just shy of 4 pounds currently. We've got a month and a half left, and they say the last month is when babies really pack on the pounds, so if you're already 4 pounds I'm wondering if you'll be our biggest baby yet?! A whopping 7 pounds? Who knows.

The weather turned this week and it has been beautiful. This means me and your sisters want to be outside as much as possible, but it's getting harder and harder for me to be on my feet for very long. We actually took a very slow-- verrryy slooow-- walk to the library. There and back is probably about a mile. I was super proud of myself, but also super sore later. Oh baby girl, you've done a number on my stamina these days! We also went on a little "adventure" in the woods and your sisters explored and found some "treasures". The whole time I was picturing what a third little lady will look like on these trips. It will be so much fun.

Today is actually so nice I'm sitting outside writing this while your sister's nap. When I'm done I'll crack open my current book and soak in the warm sun. Your dad is off for a little run. We're both doing things we love to do, and it makes me wonder what your favorite things will be. What will your hobbies include? Time will tell, but for now you're content to play the fiddle on my rib cage.

Becks will be out of your room within the week, and I've started crafting a few things just to welcome you and make it feel like yours. It's hard to believe we'll have another little bundle of pink to lay in that crib soon-- the same crib where your nana laid me as a squalling baby. 8ish more weeks until you come into this world and our arms. We love you, sweet one.

Love, Mom 

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Callie said...

You look adorable! Love these pics of you and Blythe!