Baby Bump 3: Week 33

Dear Baby,

I think I look tired in this picture, which seems fitting because I am tired these days. Growing you and keeping up with your two sisters has been trying for me. There are so many things I want to do but can't do. There are so many things-- like making any decision-- that simply seem overwhelming for me right now. However, when I think of the end of this journey and the end of this time, when I think of you in my arms, I have peace.

I still feel like you're sitting pretty high, and as of my last appointment you aren't head down yet, but the doctor said we don't start checking for that/worrying about that until 36 weeks. My calves have been giving me issues again: intense cramping at night and then sore throughout the day. Other than that, besides normal pregnancy stuff, I feel pretty fortunate and feel pretty good, all things considered. However, pregnancy number three and pregnancy number one are totally different ball games. Whew.

It was interesting because I pulled up my letters from Becks' and Blythe's pregnancies: with both I was starting to feel a few minor braxton hicks at 33 weeks. Well I'm here to tell you, this time around those braxton hicks have been much more intense-- maybe even leaning towards "real" contractions. I put real in quotations because in the past I've only had real contractions when they were incredibly intense and threw me in to labor. It was braxton hicks or those. No in between. But you've been a little different.

We also have tried moving Becks into Blythe's room this week to totally vacate your room and the crib. To say it isn't going well would be the truth. We started early, in hopes that they'll make that transition by the time you come, but it's looking doubtful. We will see.  [Actually, as I write this Becks is banging-- LOUDLY-- on the bedroom door instead of napping. Blythe never once even attempted to get out of bed- she still doesn't- so I'm at a loss. When we move you to a bed, can you please take after your oldest sister?!]

Sweet girl, we keep praying for you. We pray we learn to love and discipline you in ways that are best for you. We pray that you would know our Jesus early and turn to Him often. We love you so much and can't wait to see what you look like and over time to see what your little personality becomes.


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