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I have had the opportunity to take a lot of pictures lately, and I'm loving it! 
And it doesn't hurt that I get to take pictures of the cutest kids. 

This little man turned two recently, and was quite the model at his shoot. Boy knew how to pose. And those shoes? I want a pair. 

I mean, really, I can't get teenagers to pose like this! 

And then…THEN!… one of the BEST boy moms I know calls me up and says, "I have an idea. What if you take some pictures of my boys playing in the mud and I'll hang them up in the mudroom/laundry room/boy's bathroom?" What if? I'm there! And it was one of the most fun shoots to date. I won't lie, they threw some mud at me. If I didn't have my camera I may have just dove in with them. 
This first picture expresses the PURE DELIGHT they experienced during this "photo shoot." 

It's safe to say, they did not hold anything back. That mud was EVERYWHERE!! 

This would give a lot of moms severe anxiety, but my friend just stood back and laughed. And then threw buckets of hose water on them as they squealed and ran away. So much fun. I hope they show these pictures to their kids someday and then let them romp in the mud.

And then I fell in love with two more children. This little boy even told me I was pretty, and won my heart forever. And this little lady wanted to come home with me, and I almost snuck her in my van when her mom wasn't looking.

Oh, and if that weren't enough cuteness for you: TWINS! These one year olds have such fun personalities and sure kept me on my toes during this shoot. There was a lot of cheerio and bubbles bribing that went down, but little miss duck-face finally gave us some smiles, after her brother was like, "Sister, come on, this is easy." And then gave me photo after photo that could be in a magazine.

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