according to Blythe

Happy Father’s Day

My dad is he has a B in his name and he’s how old I am, three. [showing fingers] Like that.
His hair is brownish and his eyes are color like me, like mine is brown. 
My dad likes to wear work clothes. 
He loves to eat noodles. He loves noodles
He is smart because he knows that he can hit the ball
My dad works hard at his work- which is at the office
Daddy always tells me that I love suckers. And he says “you love suckers too?” and I shake my head like that. 
It makes daddy happy when I come to his work. 
If he could go on a trip, he would go at my house, because I love daddy here, and he would take Toby. [“toby is at his work right now”]
I really love it when my dad plays Little Miss Muffett and we play bat and Cinderella. 
If I could give my daddy anything it would be draw him a picture of Cinderella
My daddy’s name is Brent and his favorite drink is milk [my favorite thing to drink is milk too. I like milk]. He likes blueberries. 
My favorite thing about my dad is he brings me diamond chocolates

Blythe Kathleen
age 3 & 3 months 

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*carrie* said...

So cute! I did a similar survey with Naomi, and the funniest is when she said Eric's favorite food is broccoli, which he despises! =)