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Remember a few months ago when I told you all about eShakti for the first time? I recently wore my tulip dress to a wedding and onmygoodness it was so comfortable and I didn't have to carry a purse to the reception because it has pockets. It is a fun dress and the best part is I was able to customize it to fit me, but also to my needs: as in-- I chase a 3 year old and a 1 year old and most dresses are way too short or way too low or way too tight or way to something and I end up wearing a skirt and top or pants...but sometimes I just want a dress that works for me! And when you can customize the fit and length and sleeves and neckline, you can create just that!

But why am I telling you all this again? Because eShakti just revamped their website, and they've added some new pieces. Like CUSTOM PANTS!! That's right, ladies! Custom PANTS. Because who wants to spend all day crying in a dressing room over pants being too tight in places? Custom pants. They also have some cute shorts for the summer, and have added a line of "relaxed resort" for all of you that get to the beach far more than I do [i.e. at least once]. 

The new website is super easy to use, and I love how they have different sections that are super easy to click. I sat and just watched the scroll of dresses, and there are some super cute ones since I had last visited their site. They carry sizes 0-36, so there is seriously a dress for everyone.

But here is THE BEST NEWS! Until June 21st if you go to their site and use the coupon code WORDSTHATSING35 you can get 35 dollars [!!!] off your order. And if you hit up their sale pieces, you could be walking away with a custom dress for well under $50, or even $20 if you play it right! That's awesome. So for those of you that were interested last time I shared about eShakti, this is your opportunity to check them out.

If you visit their site TODAY they are having a 35% off sale. Couple that with the $35 coupon and you're doing well! 

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Mrs. White Writes said...

Ah! The chambray maxi skirt! If only international shipping wasn't ridiculous..