another race

Brent ran another half marathon this weekend. 
Let that sink in.
Just because he does it a lot, does not mean it is any less incredible each and every time. 

And he ran his personal best. 
On a tough course. 

But if you ask him what his favorite part of the day was, it was that he got to share it with his friends and sister. He talked Paige and Toby into running the 5k, and Beth came up to run her second half marathon in a month, and Brandon joined him again for another half. 

Blythe and I pulled in just in time to see Paige in the last stretch of her 5k. She looked way too happy and way too cute. I mean, seriously. Remember when I ran this 5k?  Trust me I was not smiling and cute at this point. But Paige was. She did awesome.

Henry and George came with Nini and Poppop and the kids ran around and played… and George found mud and then was all ashamed of himself when I wanted a picture.

I really didn't think Brent would finish around the same time as he did in Louisville, because it was a tougher course, but I'm glad we headed to the finish line when we did because he came FLYING in right at 1:28.

It was so fun to watch the kids race after him and Blythe gave him his sign. 

And then we got in our positions again and waited for Beth.
She, like her brother, was built to run. She did so awesome.

I love the atmosphere of races, and even though this is a smaller one, it is still fun to cheer for others and watch people accomplish such incredible feats with their bodies.

Blythe even ran a bit on the course…in her flip flops…and then informed everyone that she had "run a half" and needed chocolate milk to recover.

Even though the race started at 6:30 in the morning, it was perfect weather and so much fun. And, per tradition, I got my egg mcmuffin and coffee afterwards and all was well.

Super proud of these guys.

cooling down with her dad

 Shout out to my mom who let Becks spend the night with her. I don't even think Becks missed us, but it was great to reunite after the race morning.

Also, if you haven't had a chance to snag the $35 off coupon on my last post, you have 6 more days! 
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