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Weight: I have no idea. More than 13 less than 15. Sound good? 

Clothes and Diapers: I finally busted out our fall/winter clothes which are all 6 month, so she's been wearing a lot of those lately, not necessarily because they fit perfectly but because it has cooled off, and that is the size we have in warmer clothes. :) [Otherwise she still fits in some 3 month, and 3-6 month is perfect for her]. Hand me downs will be the story of her life. [Well, they are for Blythe too…. ] We bumped up to size 2 diapers. 

Eating: Usually 5 times a day. She hit a growth spurt at the end of this month and ate 10 times in one day! Whew! However, she hates the bottle. She only takes one when absolutely hungry. I've had a lot of softball this month, and she has just skipped some meals here and there, or Brent brings her to me in between the Varsity and JV games if they are at home, or if she is hungry enough she will finally eat some for him. I had a 14 hour day at a tournament and I think the entire time I was gone she ate less than 7 oz. I fed her when I got home and she still slept well that night so I guess it's not too big of a deal. 

Sleeping: Ugh. This is what has changed a lot since last month. Her naps are super short-- usually between 20-50 minutes. She will be happy when she wakes up, though. Her afternoon nap used to be long! Every once in a while she will surprise me with an hour and a half nap. Suggestions?  At night she goes down around 7/7:30 and wakes around 5, I feed her, and she goes back down until about 8:30. I'd love to cut out that 5 a.m. feed, but since she goes back down for several hours after, I'm okay with it. :) 

I feel like Becks notices and responds to Blythe a lot more now. Which is so awesome. I love their relationship already.  And this picture may be my favorite from this month. 

We dedicated Becks at church this month-- more about this at end of post. 

accomplishments/ Things to note:

\ still isn't super into rolling over. she rolls front to back a lot, but then stays on back unless we REALLY convince her to roll. 
\ her hair is getting super light and falling out. 
\ we had her at a softball game IN THE SHADE and she still sunburnt a little on her face. I'm not used to fair skin-- this could be interesting. 
\ she sits up a little bit on her own. She leans forward a lot, but can balance herself pretty well. 
\ she grabs anything you put in front of her with great concentration. If I hand her her paci, she can now bring it up to her mouth by herself [come oonnnnnnnn, finding-it-by-yourself-in-your-crib]
\ her cry. oh man. I get called to the nursery at church every so often because of it-- she sounds like she is in pain, but it's just her normal cry. It's horrible. It's all or nothing with this child. I kind of like that about her personality. 
\ even though her little power naps are wearing me out, she is really such a good, good baby. Sometimes she likes to be held-- what baby doesn't? And sometimes she wants to eat right when it's least convenient-- what baby doesn't? And she won't take a bottle. BUT?! This baby? She is a good, good baby. This may sound terrible, but I think other mothers will understand: I feel like I've fallen in love with her completely quicker than I did with Blythe. Maybe my mama heart was just better formed this time around? [Shows you how much I knew: I thought it would take longer this time around because of how intense my love for Blythe is now. God knew what he was doing though when he created parenthood and created our hearts to hold the hugeness of it all]. 

\ We dedicated Becks at church this month, promising to raise her in the church and do our best to love her like Jesus and teach her about Him so that she will one day make the decision to follow him. We are still praying for her TRAITS, and we chose her "life verse" as Matthew 5:8: "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God." It was a great, simple service and our family and friends surrounded us with prayer at the end. Afterwards Becks said she wanted to go to Olive Garden, of course, so we did. :)

I snapped a few [very] quick pictures before we left for church:

Brent kept stepping in my light to make them smile…which was fine because I'd rather have those beautiful smiles captured in a dark picture than great lighting and no smiles…right? 

It was also neat to share the dedication with our friends, and think that our children will grow up in church together and hopefully become friends as well. 

Becks, you are so sweet. We pray that we can honor our promise we made to raise you in His word and in His ways. I told your dad this month: Blythe made us parents. You made us a family. 

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Hannah said...

She sounds [and looks] so sweet! I just want to give her a little squish! It is so sweet that Blythe loves her to bits! I'm sure they will have so much fun growing up together. Sisters are wonderful! :)