music over time

Can we talk about music for a minute? Or, more accurately, how you get music in your ears.

Growing up I'm sure you had a boombox. Something like this:

Eventually it probably transformed into this:

And maybe eventually this:

Then you got an ipod and got this:

And then you got a phone that IS an ipod and just broke down and got this:

 My music journey was similar. I had a boombox. I would stay awake at night and listen to the top 20 countdown and record all my favorites onto a cassette tape. I recorded them onto a cassette tape, of course, so I could listen to them on my Walkman:

And then, for one of my birthdays [I am thinking it was my 12th or 13th], I got an upgrade: a DISCman. With my first ever CD: Savage Gardens. Thank you, very much. [Side story: this is the only present I have every found before having it given to me. I was helping look for my dad's wallet (which happened almost daily ;) ) and was looking in his closet in his office where he kept his uniforms. And there she was in all her plastic packaged glory. I felt terrible. I told Kali. And then I faked surprised on my birthday. Mom, Dad, did you know this?! Other side story: Brent HATES Savage Gardens but they will always hold a special place in my heart as I would pop them into my Discman and play "Pipes Dream" on our super old computer.] 

Do you remember when they came out with the special "skip-protected" version of the Discman and everyone was pumped and yet it SKIPPED ALL THE TIME?

Moving on.

I'm sad to say this is about where my music progression ended. In college a friend gave me her old ipod shuffle. I had no idea how to add music to it, so I just listened to her stuff.

And those earbuds? I have tiny ears [seriously, if you've never looked at my ears you should. They are comically small]. Those suckers HURT in my ears.

 Eventually we got iphones and I kind of figured out how to add music to it. had Brent add music to mine. But I FORGET I have music on my phone. I also forget about Pandora.

If I really love music, I still put it on a CD, and that is how I listen to it. It's so much simpler in my mind that way. If I still had my Discman I'd probably still be bee-boppin down the street with it, pausing occasionally so it could catch back up from skipping. And if I didn't crash immediately upon hitting the pillow, I would probably still stay up and record my favorite songs on cassette.

I know this makes me seem so old fashioned. Yikes. How is this happening? And that Sirius radio? Forget it. I can't even handle that many options or begin to understand it.

But for the love, can someone just teach me how to delete songs off my phone?!

*all images from google images.

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julie said...

I have an iPhone 5 (not S or C, just the regular) and I can delete individual songs by swiping to the left on the song, and a "delete" button appears. It's a bit tedious to delete a whole album that way, but it's the only way I know how!

*carrie* said...

That's so funny. I did NOT follow those steps. I never had a Walkman, and I admit that when I was a "tween," I definitely felt deprived because it seemed like everyone else had them. I survived. =)

We've never downloaded digital music, though I do listen to a lot of music on-line via YouTube.

We still have a player that plays both CDs and DVDs. I will be sad when DVDs get fazed out by Blu-ray.