another confession

Okay. I have something I feel like I need to come clean with:

I absolutely love to vacuum.

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Judge away. But seriously, it's the best. I love just about everything about it. I think, in large part, it has to do with my vacuum-- a sweet Dyson-- which I still love as much as when I first got it and wrote this post.  I was actually vacuuming the other day and thought, "How long have I had this vacuum?" And I remembered that I had purchased it in the spring of 2011. That is how much it has changed my life: I remember the exact timing of my purchase!

Before I bought our Dyson, I always had the mindset that fancy pants vacuums weren't all they are cracked up to be… but I am singing a different tune now, I suppose.

So why do I love vacuuming? Besides the fact that I have an awesome vacuum that does exactly what it's supposed to do?

-I love the monotony of it. I don't have to think about it, I just have to keep pushing it. I can let my mind wander. It's a very methodical thing that requires no method.

-I love the smell of it. I don't know about you, but I think vacuums have a smell. It is probably the smell of dirt and dust, which we all know is really dead skin [we all know that, right? I'm not breaking any new, disgusting ground for you, am I?], but there is something about it. I think this has something to do with my childhood and the power of scent: we always kept our vacuum [a very heavy KIRBY] in a little coat closet in our entryway. This coat closet was awesome, It had a tiny little window. And tons of stuff to hide behind while playing hide and seek. And it always smelled like the vacuum. And I loved it. [You won't have to ask people who know me too many questions to learn that I have a weird sense of smell, so if you go sniff your vacuum and are repulsed, I apologize.]

- I love that it takes a fairly small amount of time, but leaves me feeling like I've accomplished something and that the house is much cleaner. If I only have 15 minutes, I can easily bust out the vacuum and clean the living room, dining room, entryway, and hallway. Probably 10 minutes. Boom. Done. Clean. Beautiful.

- I love that in order to vacuum, I have to pick up the floor a bit. I'm not a huge fan of crap laying everywhere. Who is? And since I vacuum frequently, it helps me keep things off the floor. [I vacuum frequently. Probably too frequently. I read once that too much vacuuming isn't great for your carpets…but I ignore that warning. And I vacuum, sometimes 4 times a week. It's a sickness, really.]

- I love that vacuuming allows me to be okay with Blythe making messes. Or people wearing shoes into our house [remember this?]. Honestly, if someone tracks in some leave or Blythe drops a cheerio or two and it gets stepped on, I'm secretly excited I get to bust out the vacuum again.

- I love that when I finish, it always looks like I've cleaned something. There are certain cleaning jobs that make me feel better because I know something is cleaned, but vacuuming leaves those neat little lines in places and you can just tell when a carpet has been freshly cleaned.

- I love emptying out the canister when I'm done and seeing my accomplishments. This goes with the last one. I always make sure when I start a new vacuuming job that my canister is empty. That way, when I finish, I can look and see just how much dirt I picked up! It's a fun reward, no?

Now that you all think I have totally lost my mind, I will leave you with this:
I dream of one day owning either of these two pieces of bad boy cleaning machinery!

One of Dyson's sweet hand held cleaners. Dude. This would change high chair and car seat cleanings, no doubt, but would also probably inspire me to vacuum my baseboards and my couch cush and clean out my car. And WHO KNOWS what else??! Nothing would be safe.

The other product that would revolutionize my life?
One of Dyson's newest products. It's a vacuum, but look at how tiny and sleek and light this thing is? Oh and did I mention there is no cord? This could be busted out quickly for a small job I need, or I could keep it propped up in my kitchen corner to do a quick one-over under the table after meals [did I mention these vacuums can be switched from carpet to hard surface with the click of a button? Cause they totally can]. My aunt just got one of these and it's awesome.
all google images-- and this is Dyson the man. 

And there you have it. I love to vacuum. My secret is out. And I would rather have new cleaning products than diamonds? What is wrong with me?

Also, I feel like I should clarify that I am not being paid to endorse Dyson. I just love my vacuum that much.

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Hannah said...

I love vacuuming too, for most of the same reasons you listed. The smell and the ability to see what you have just done are probably my favorite reasons. Though, I wish I vacuumed as much as you. For whatever reason, as much as I love vacuuming it only gets done about once every other week... it should be more than that for sure! ...and now I feel like vacuuming. :)

And I hope you get to have one of those fancy little vacuums one day, they look amazing!

*carrie* said...

More power to you! =)

We have a Dyson, too, but Eric's the one to use it 95% of the time!

Ellen said...

you love vacuuming? no problem. i love laundry.

MW Photo said...

Since I have benefited directly from your love for vacuuming, I am a big supporter. :)

I'm actually being tempted by this pricey jewel of a cleaning supply... you know my record, so you know that this would be totally worth the cost.