baby bump #2: week 39

Dear baby,

We made it. And by "it" I mean past the kidney stones [I think! Three down...]. After last week, though I'm very tired and sore, I know I can carry you around for however much longer is necessary. However, I do think this will probably be the last "bump letter" I get to write you. Which seems so crazy to me. This pregnancy has FLOWN by. There have been moments of struggle and discomfort and even pain, and it was definitely not as easy as my last, but man-oh-man it sure went fast.

When I think about last summer, when your dad and I were just dreaming of you and praying for you, this day seemed so far away. And then those two lines showed up, and we rejoiced because they meant YOU were in the making. And then there was a month or two of being silent about you, our little secret, until we heard your heartbeat and broke out the news so everyone could share in our excitement. And then the months I waited for a "baby bump" to really show up, and then sharing your first kicks and movements. And then we found out you were a girl, and began praying for your special traits. And then it was Christmas and New Years and family visiting and snow and then, all of a sudden, it was spring. A spring that meant your impending arrival. And here we are, fully ready, fully formed…waiting.

I remember saying this last time, but it's so true: I feel like a ticking time bomb. I am so aware of all of your movements, and am hyper-aware of anything my body is feeling. We will make it to the hospital! I think it's funny, but your dad is all in favor of my water breaking: he says it's just the "iconic labor story" and we need to have one. I think you and your sister have already talked and are conspiring against me, though. When I was pregnant with her I was certain she would be an April baby, as her due date was March 28th. But then she came early. So when I found out your due date was May 3, I thought again that you would for sure be an April baby. I am writing this on April 30th, and I believe you have both made me out to be a liar.

Oh sweet daughter, I'm so excited to meet you. I am really looking forward to holding you in my arms for that very first time, because now I know just how incredibly awesome it is. Yes, Blythe made me a mom, but you will make me a different kind of mom, and our journey together will be different and beautiful in its own way.

I pray for your arrival. I pray for your first days. I pray we click in ways neither of us can imagine right now. I pray you are pure. I pray you are patient. I pray you are passionate and devoted. I pray you are a woman of integrity. I pray your dad and I will know how to best love you. I pray we will know how to best serve you and discipline you. I pray that you find our home to be filled with deep joy and peace. And I pray, baby girl, that the hands that raise and influence you are the hands of Christ, and that you grow more and more in His love and mercy and grace as your days stretch out.

So very soon, my little one.

Love, Mom

Black and white: 39 weeks with Blythe. I took the picture but didn't have a chance to write the letter. She came two days after this picture. 
Color: 39 weeks with baby girl #2. I think I'm relatively the same size, but that she is a little lower/has dropped. 

I still can't believe people think I don't look full term! I look at these and I see BABY! 

Also, for those of you wanting to know, we will post stats and NAME to the blog as soon as we can from the hospital, as it will be one of the quickest ways to "tell the masses." So if we are "radio silent" everywhere else, you may want to check back here.

Final guesses on her name?

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