baby bump 2: week 35

Comparison at 23 and 35 weeks.
Oh what a difference 12 weeks [and a few Oreo balls!] can make for a pregnant lady.

I'm thinking,  "Is this the same shirt?! It can't be! I look too different."
Also, to be fair about the hair situation, I took this at about 9:30 at night. 

Dear baby,

We did it! We are in the "safe to arrive" zone!

I can sure tell you are running out of room in there. I apologize I don't have more space for you, but it's only a sign that it's nearing time to let me hold you in my arms.

Everything went very well at our appointment this week. You are for sure head down…way head down actually…we measured a little "small" and then when Dr. C checked she realized that you were further down than she originally thought. You should more than likely stay this way until it's time to deliver. Thank you. I didn't want to have to stand on my head or something to try to get you to flip! Your dad and I can't help but laugh because there is some part of you that is nearly always sticking out my right side. Your feet? Not sure. It makes carrying your sister on that hip pretty darn near impossible though! :)

I wrote your name on a couple of things this week. It definitely makes it seem more real, and gives you more of an identity for us. There are so many great names out there, but we hope you'll grow into the one we have picked for you and appreciate the meaning and story behind it.

We also pre-registered this week at the hospital! What?! We are officially in the system, they know the gist of our preferences [we had to say, "Sure!" when they asked if they could give you a pacifier, or "Of course!" when they signed off on your vaccines]. They asked how many people would be in the room during your delivery, and the plan is just your dad and me. That was our plan last time too, and little did we know it was to be our only option!

Oh my word, sweet girl, we love you so much already and we are definitely getting some ants in the pants to meet you. Obviously I'm cool with you waiting five more weeks, or so, and have a few things left I'd like to get ready, but if you surprise us now it will be okay! Your sister said she will read you some books and sing you songs when you get here, so you're in for a treat there.

We love you. So much.

Love, Mom

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