baby blag, round 2

Two years ago I really wanted to write about the life inside of me that was still a secret to the outside world. So I opened up a new document and titled it "Baby Blog"…though in my haste and excitement, I typed "Baby Blag" instead. And it stuck. I posted a few of these last time: here here and here. I only wrote one installment this time, as we told family and close friends a little sooner, so the secret wasn't bursting inside me! :) 

September 16, 2013

Today I am 7 weeks pregnant. Seven seems like such a small, insignificant number, but in reality that number holds a treasure. 7 weeks of life inside me. 7 weeks behind me of waiting to meet my precious new babe. 7 weeks worth of developing. I read today that it is this week that my baby will start to develop what will become his/her fingers and toes-- fingers and toes that I will tickle and kiss and grasp and love. 

So yes, I feel 7 weeks pregnant, complete with the icky blah tired sicky stage that marks this territory. 

But I also feel 7 weeks pregnant!

It’s hard to believe that just a few weeks ago I woke up early, groggy yet full of anticipation. The month before was filled with anticipation also, and when I took a few tests knowing it was too early anyway and they showed up negative, I wasn’t surprised by my disappoint. It was time. My earnest prayer had become, “Lord, please give up the baby that will complete our family.” So just a few weeks ago I woke up early, groggy yet full of anticipation. I knew I had waited long enough this time to get an accurate read on the test. 

Brent was out on his morning run and I waited until he got home, Blythe still soundly asleep in her crib. And then there it was, that ever faint line that proved the existence of the fourth member of our family. Just like last time, I let myself doubt it was really there, and Brent assured me it was. We smiled like fools again, this time knowing exactly what adding a life to our family would mean. 

Another test the next day and a doctor’s appointment a couple weeks later confirmed it all. And now I sit here, 7 weeks pregnant. We’ve told some family and a few close friends, but are waiting it out a little longer for the big reveal. Blythe has no clue what’s going on, but as I hold her ever-stretching limbs in my arms I know she is slowly becoming “no-longer-my-baby.” 

I want to document this journey like I did last time, because I want this baby to know his or her story too. And so for now I will keep this word document tucked away on my computer, where I can come and tell these early stories. Like when we called Brent’s parents on their anniversary and, just like we did two years ago, let them know their present was another grandchild on the way. “I thought you looked bigger,” Beck joked, and then counted to himself, “Grandchild number 10...and maybe 11!” Joan had just joked to him earlier that day about us giving them this gift again for their anniversary. It was my parents’ anniversary too, but we waited two more days and dressed Blythe in her “I’m the Silly Sister” hand-me-down shirt from cousin Caroline. We took her over to the pool where my parents and the Blythe family were, and waited for someone to catch on. My mom was a little travel weary from just spending two and half weeks with her new grandson, Wesley, but was the first to notice. As she hugged me and looked at me, wide eyed, Torri shouted, “I KNEW IT!” And slowly they all figured it out. My dad, being the slowest to put two and two together, said, “Why am I always the last to know everything!” To which I responded, “We’re telling everyone right now.” 

Once it was out there, it was more real. It still felt so early though since last time we didn’t tell anyone until around 10 or 11 weeks. But weeks have passed, softball games and practices have left me tired. I’m waking up to use the restroom 3-4 times a night. But I’m 7 weeks pregnant. 

Just like I’ve always wanted, my babies will be about two years apart. My due date is May 5, 2014. Bring it on. 

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