brown eyed girl

When one of your best friends is a seriously talented photographer, you get emails from time to time with pictures attached from the last time you hung out. At least you do when your friend is as amazing as mine.

Here are a few I recently received:

Getting ready to open her present from Meagan and Shane [wrapped in zebra print, of course]

To Kill a Mockingbird! Special Edition! Just for Blythe! Do my exclamation points mean anything to you!?

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Brent said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures Meagan! It's fairly obvious that Blythe and I are not nearly as excited about TKAM (tokillamockingbird) as Kelsey. It was a truly amazing gift, Meagan...Blythe and I didn't think there was anything in the world that could cause Mommy to talk about TKAM even more, but you found it! You have a gift. :)Kidding Kelsey...Blythe and I can't read, so it actually works out quite perfectly.

MW Photo said...