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For Easter this year, we descended upon Brent's brother Scot and his family in Stillwater, Oklahoma. His sister Beth and her boys, Henry [3] and George [2 1/2 months], and his parents also traveled to Oklahoma. We had six kids and five adults together for three and a half days. The weather was a beautiful 80 degrees and we ran around outside and ate lots of food. It was perfect.
This was before we left. She is modeling her new camo hat she got from Papa. 

We took a pitstop on the Kansas turnpike for lunch. We all were in our KU gear so that we could watch the game that night [and be disappointed…boo Michigan!], but I love this picture of B in her jayhawk shirt in the sunflower state! 

She clearly thought we would get there faster if she drove

Blythe was really pretty good during the six hour drive. She napped or occupied herself most of the time. She got a little antsy once or twice, but for a one year old did awesome! Here she is reading "Romeo and Juliet" 

Scot and Rian have a trampoline and Brent was on it in no time flying around. He said it was just like riding a bike. I'll have to post the other photos of him on here sometime…this one is crazy enough!

Trace [6] taking a break. 

This kid is ALL boy! 

"Take a picture of me doing this!"

Henry is doing muscles in the background and Trace is…well…being Trace :) 
This kid is HILARIOUS

Hosing them down 

This is why I'm not sure if my heart could withstand raising boys… he was up there all the time! 

Blythe playing ball with her cousins, Kylee [11] and Myka [8], and PopPop

Do you see that round belly on my baby girl?! Henry asked, "Does she have a baby in her belly?" Ha. 

This is probably my favorite picture from the weekend. Since it was so nice, they thought it would be a good day to get their pool uncovered and cleaned and ready to go! [Do you hear that summer…COME ON!] Of course the kids could HARDLY STAND to see the pool opened and not just take a quick jump in. It was, of course, about 55 degrees so they didn't last long :) 

Modeling her new headband that Aunt Beth made her 

Brent, Scot, Beck. Some of my favorite people. 

Beautiful Beth and Baby George-- he was A PEACH all weekend. Super chill. And HUGE for a 2 and 1/2 month old. He'll outgrow Blythe in no time. 

Her toes finally got some sun! 

Sunday morning.  I really thought she'd be walking by the time she was ready to wear this dress….but alas. She struggled to crawl in it though, so I had to tuck the shirt in her bloomers and away she went. 

This was a big day for Kylee: She got BAPTIZED!!! We were all so proud of her and so glad we got to be there to share in that ETERNAL moment with her. 

When I get one of the family pics Beth took, I'll post that, but for now you get a picture of Blythe and me, with Brent behind the camera. And if you look above my shoulder you can see Rian. Apparently this is the only picture I got of her. 

This girl is always super sleepy on Sunday mornings after church because she misses her morning nap. She was ready to crash. 

A card game with the girls

I gave Brent the bunny socks to put on her, it was Easter after all, and we had put the bandana on her because I didn't bring a sun hat and didn't want her to burn her pretty BALD head…and the scarf? Well, I think Myka added that little assessory. With the zebra outfit it made for quite the look, don't you agree? 

Playing a little croquet. 

My sister in law, Beth-- I love this lady. We had fun walking our babies around in our matching strollers. 

And that's all, folks. Hope you had a wonderful Easter, celebrating our RISEN Savior. Easter has always been my favorite holiday-- after all, it's hard not to love it when you look around and see the promise of Spring on the tree branches, coupled with the promise of Eternity in your heart.

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