a girls' trip

Last month my sister and her two girls … and her little baby boy bump… came for a visit, and they were able to stay for a good chunk of time. These visits are always busy, with toddler meltdowns and potty accidents and songs at the dinner table, and they are so filled with the good stuff of life. One of the best things about living in Louisville was that Kali and Dan were a just a few hours away. Pre-babies this meant we could jump in the car and spend a day together whenever it struck our fancy [do people say "struck our fancy" anymore? :)] Though I miss those visits, and though the visits these days are a little more chaotic and a little fewer and far between, they are still so very special. 

I wanted to post some pictures I snapped [mainly on my phone] over the week and a half that they visited so that they don't get lost in a file on my computer somewhere. These are in no particular order, but capture our time together pretty well. 

Story time with Aunt Kels! Ellie is about to snap my legs in half. 

Caroline was so excited that we had snow that "wouldn't disappoint her" [meaning, it wouldn't melt when she went down for her nap!] 

Ellie was entranced with "cooking" with flour on Nana's countertop. It kept her busy for at least a half an hour! 

The girls have now become pretty fond of coming over to Aunt Kelsey's house for a little getaway during the day [or just "Kels'" as Caroline calls me. She has three aunts, her dad's sisters, and a Kels. ] They were watching a little Toy Story while Kali and I made lunch. 

They are pretty fond of Uncle Brent, too. 

This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it. I love how Ellie is looking at Blythe, and the difference in their skin tone is amazing! Not to mention baby bums are so cute! The cousins got to have a lot of baths together

Caroline was so sweet with Blythe, which is not really a surprise as she loves to mother. We would find her reading to her or holding her hand or kissing on her all the time. 

They love their nana! 

This child makes us laugh…a lot. 

Ellie was also very good with Blythe. Even though she is only 8 months older, I never worried about her tackling or pushing Blythe, because she was always so gentle with her. She also liked to read to Blythe. 

I always try and do a little something creative with Caroline when we are together. She now expects a "craft" almost every day. 

Caroline was showing Blythe how to play the cupcake game 

They don't mind their papa either…especially Ellie, she would cry when he left and then proceed to ask where he was 3948 million times until he came back. 

Morning cartoons and breakfast at Nana's

And with three kids, three and under…there is bound to be some of this. 

Caroline loves to use Papa's flashlight from his uniform belt. 

Spending time with Torri is always a lot of fun too. And Torri has figured out the best way to keep track of them…keep them contained!!! :) 

A potty treat, Veggie Tale bandaid, and bird watching 

The airplane Papa made them. 

An impromptu sink bath after a diaper explosion 

Telling Great Grandpa A.J. where the bear is. They were hunting and camping. 

Blythe discovered the necklaces while everyone was here. She puts them all on, one by one, then leaves them on while she plays until someone takes them off of her. When Caroline saw her crawling towards she said, "Here comes a FANCY MESS!" 

Here's a picture Kali sent from the plane. She is a brave woman to fly alone with them, but they do awesome! We'll see if she feels like conquering it with three :) 

I was reading "To Kill a Mockingbird" again the other day and came across this passage. It reminded me of the post I wrote HERE about my dad and all his girls. 

Some more crafting. 

Cooking with Nana 
It was a great trip. We miss them so much already! 


Kali said...

These are SO great! Thanks for sharing :)

momiss said...

They really are! That one of Caroline and Ellie in the chair having breakfast, I love how you really see their faces. Great pic and great post!
And Kali, check your blog, I've been begging you to update. ;)

Brent said...

Brent was here. Good job. And "Stuck our fancy", funny, but to answer your question...afraid not.