Quite often I take [a million] pictures and then they just sit on my camera/computer and I am upset I never post them. Well, since baby girl is being an absolute PEACH today [I finally woke her up at 9, and she is currently into the second hour of her morning nap!], I finally took a little time to put up some pictures from this summer. Enjoy!
This was back in May. She has changed quite a bit since this but I still love this picture. 

Caroline still loves her "baby cousin." This was taken the day we got to Nashville. 

I love this picture [minus the fact that Kali isn't in it]. I love that Brent and Dan call each other "brother" and that we all have such a great, relaxing time when we are together. 

This girl loves her Daddy! 

oh this face… 

If Blythe looks concerned it's because she is. Ellie is all energy and sometimes B just didn't know what to do with her :) 

I LOVE this picture because it really shows their relationship well ;) 

Just a typical day at Nana and Papa's house. 

In the midst of all our travels, Blythe was also dedicated at church. It was VBS Sunday, hence all the kids in the background. 

with my parents after dedication…B was getting tired. 

With Brent's parents

My grandparents

Blythe's cousins: Myka, Kylee, and Trace

Blythe's cousins: Dawson, and Hawkins [Luke wandered off]

Brent's Grandma Pat [saying, "I'd rather go to the dentist than have my picture taken] 

With Kali
Others were there, but I just didn't get a picture snapped with all of them. Thank you all for making the effort to be there as we dedicated Blythe. We pray we will be Godly examples in her life

Second time being measured at Nini and PopPop's! Sheis growing! 

Okay….so after I got married we never got my dress cleaned, because I thought it would be fun to get out from time to time. Well, it has become the "traveling dress." Kali wanted to put it on and take her turn at pictures in it. [It was exactly 2 million degrees when we were taking these photos.] 

traveling dress: Kels
Traveling dress: Paige 
Traveling Dress:Torri
Kali and I thought this was funny. 

Couldn't pass up the lighting on this one. Caroline painting. 

Trying to get a picture of three squirming children is difficult. 

Add caption

At her 4th wedding of the summer 

Congrats, Michael and Jenny! 

I got to see some of my very favorite people and some truly wonderful friends from college. Thanks for the fun night, Jess and Becker. 

Congrats again, Jen! Love yoU! 

Our favorites. THis was from our trip to Kentucky. Man we hate leaving these people! 

My coworkers from Kentucky. We had a wonderful dinner at Jenn's house and realized anew how much we miss each other. 

If you haven't gone to MEAGAN'S WEBSITE and checked out the PHOTOS OF BLYTHE: CLICK HERE 

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MW Photo said...

OH MY GOODNESS! What can I even say about this post!? FIrst of all, I LOVE that first picture of you and Blythe. It is beautiful!! And I literally "lol-ed" at the ones of Blythe and Ellie, where Blythe has that, "um, guys?" look on her face. It is CRACKING ME UP! Also, the silhouette photo of Caroline is amazing!!!! I mean, really, that is perfect!! Nicely done :)

Ok, enough of my photo commentary. On a side note, when do I get my turn with the traveling dress? :) Well, if I don't, I think I should get a turn with that saucy red, blue, and yellow dress you wore to that wedding. Or, you could just tell me where you got it, and I can pretend I'll go buy it one day (because, let's be honest, I probably won't actually go shopping without you. I have too much fun and get too many deals with you to risk it.).
Either way - wedding dress or saucy dress - I'll be happy. Let me know what works for you. :)

Well, I'm going to browse through this post again, because I just can't get enough. I love love love that photo of us from your visit here. LOVE it. I want it HUGE above our fireplace. Still trying to convince Shane of that. :)

And please feel free to use B's photos as much as you want, where ever you want (by the way, love that you call her B. too cute.). I have every intention of sending you a disc of them. Hopefully this week!