hello, MAY!

These are my "Hello, May!" new blog colors!

May is lilacs and tulips.
It is being barefoot and opening windows to let the breeze stir the curtains to life.
It is sunshiney mornings and leaves singing a new song of life.
It is restless students and countdowns to the last day sprawled on the white boards throughout schools.
It is charred burgers on the grill and "buy me some peanuts and cracker jacks, cause it's root, root, root for the home team!"
May is Bath and Body Works and it's new and lovely.
It is wanting to be outside every moment; wanting to brush your teeth in the fresh rain and wash your hair in buttercups on the hillside.
It is sunburns on skin coming out of hiding.
It is warm afternoons when you lose the jacket and cool evenings under blankets on your front porch.
It is foggy early morning turkey hunting and mushroom picking by the pounds.
It is pastels and sandals and skirts and mowing new grass and mulching and robins and no longer needing the down comforter at night.

May is everything wonderful about spring time. And I'm SO glad it is here!


Hannah said...

I really think we are the same person. that is exactly why I love May.

momiss said...

It's supposed to be warmer than 65 degrees.......

Sharon said...

Love the new colors! And May!