Endings are always bittersweet.

Currently I am wrapping up the school year [can you say, "Six and half days left, baby!"?]. These means cleaning and planning and grading and moving things and making my students feel special before they leave my room and I don't know if anyone will ever make them feel special again. I am working on my end of the year letters for them, and I am trying to tackle something new for them this year because I am crazy: I am taking a writing activity we did and creating a book for them. They voted on the title and cover art and dedications of the book [title: Our Life Between the Lines] and I am a busy bee trying to get it done and make copies for ALL of them before next Thursday. UGH! I think I can…I think I can. Their writing is so honest and it breaks my heart and opens something in me that is fresh and young and new all at the same time. I wish I could post the book on here, but because of the true "copy and paste" nature of the project, that won't be possible. If you would like to see a copy though, let me know.

Also, we just finished reading "Of Mice and Men." That ending is ridiculous and they all are mad at me for having them read it :-) [If you haven't read it, it's a classic. It has an awful ending but that is what makes it classic. It is a short book…pick it up sometime.]

And on that note, I have some other things I need to do. Time is precious! More writing to come. Thanks for stopping by.


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