Because this is what I do when I'm behind...

Here are pictures from the past month. They are in reverse order again for whatever reason. And yes, you would think now that I am on summer vacation that I would have tons of time…but not the case. Hopefully things will slow down a bit soon? We'll see. So here is your update:

The first picture is a new set up in my "formal dining room." I put that in quotations because we don't use it as a dining room. Right now it is just an extension of our living room/ office/ new sitting area. I got these chairs at a garage sale [Thanks, Carol! :)] and she had recovered them and the colors match perfectly! I am still looking for a table, but for now this works…and the peonies in a teapot just added the perfect touch, right? :) So come on over and sit with me!

CJ was here for Paige's graduation [see below]. I took a lot of pictures on my dad's camera, and will maybe get a few of those…but here is what we spent most of our time doing…chasing Scout. As you can see, she is really warming up to her and does not hesitate to attack. Because of this, Scout now runs the opposite direction when she sees/hears Caroline coming :)
FINALLY we remembered to take a family picture. Caroline was not cooperating but at least she is looking in the right direction.
With the graduate. Still doesn't seem like she should be this old!
And Caroline was all dolled up for the occasion. I lOVE this cheesy picture of her.
Such a beautiful little lady.
Begin sequence of awesome Torri + CJ pictures. As you can tell by this first shot, I don't know who enjoys the others presence more :)
Candid shot…well, I think Brent knew I was there :)

And no, the coordinating outfits were not planned :)
Because these two never take a picture together…
Love this picture so much.
I had to put this one up too because the wind in Torri's hair is SO America's Next Top Model.
Just the girls.
The pre-photo shot…this is more like it. :)
Paige's boyfriend. As she calls him.
The graduate!
And remember, we're going backwards. This year I hosted mother's day at our house! We pulled in two additional tables and more chairs and had our parents, plus 5 grandparents over. We are so blessed by our heritage and it was a wonderful day.
The "spread"
Brent's grandmas chatting in the living room while we finished getting everything ready. These two are wonderful, wonderful ladies. [And TULIPS on the coffee table…I love spring]

And that wraps it up for now. I'll actually write later. :) Thanks for stopping bye.
And I would still encourage you to pray for Joplin.


TheStartPhoto said...

um, in light of everything else that you've been writing about, this seems silly to comment on, but.... I LOVE your graduation outfit. LOVE it. :)

Hannah said...

ooo. I want to come and sit with you!

Anonymous said...

The chairs look great. Glad they are in such a pretty home. Enjoyed all the pics. Love, Carol