photo shoot #8703 for Caroline and Aunt Kelsey

I wanted to get a few more pictures up before I headed back to Louisville today. These are mainly for Nana and Papa but I thought there may be a few others out there that would enjoy them. She was in a great mood and so we changed her and snapped as many pictures as possible. The long gown was Kali's baptism dress that our Aunt Mary made (it may have been mine as well? Not sure.)


Sharon said...

Yes, you wore it too, Kels. For some reason, it was one of the few baby things that had never made it up to the garage with all the other stuff. I'm so thankful. And thank you for the wonderful pictures. Two more weeks (actually 12 days) till I get back down there. Not that I'm counting!

Ana-Lou said...

Kelsey your pictures were great! shat kind of camera? Settings? Film? Digital?

Great Work! ;-)

Ana-Lou said...

ooops typo . . . with an English Teacher . . . YIKES
it was supposed to be "what?"