discombobulated thoughts

  1. Today was one of the single most GORGEOUS days I can remember in a long time. It is up there with a day I remember from spring of my senior year of college-- that day was even gorgeous enough to motivate me to run?! Today, I was motivated to wear shorts and a smile all day.
  2. My friend Jenny was in town this weekend (long story short, I sort of played match maker and her and my co-worker, Jeremy are now madly in love. I know after I post this there will be more requests for my match making abilities, but I want to keep my batting average at perfect and will stop with this one. It is also a weird thing that it actually worked), visiting Jeremy. Last night the two of them and Brent and I went out to eat on the river (weird that I sometimes forget I live on a river?) and then Jenny and I spent the night together reminiscing and laughing and talking books and coffee. I miss that.
  3. Cities are loud and dirty and busy. I hate loud and dirty and busy. Ergo, I hate cities.
  4. I made apple crisp for the first time this weekend (Kali, yours was awesome and it inspired me!). It was awesome. If you come to visit, yes you, I promise to make apple crisp and serve it warm with a big spoon of vanilla ice cream.
  5. I ran into a student at the store today. For my teacher friends/family that read this blog: Do you always get that momentary flash of excitement and a "HEY MRS ____/ MR ______" and then watch it quickly fade into a more hesitant smile and begin to see the confusion in their eyes flicker as they realize how weird it is to see you out of context. And then realize that you are blowing their mind simply by being in public and not asleep on your classroom floor for the weekend like they most likely imagine you to be?
  6. Today I ran into Kohls (is Kohls not the best store EVER?) and was quickly trying on some clearance pants (awesome fit...who knew?!) and whilst in the dressing room heard a conversation occur between mother and daughter: Daughter: Mom, I really NEED that wallet. Mom: No, you have 5 other wallets. I'm not going to buy it because I know in a week you won't like it. Daughter (voice becoming progressively more whiney): But MOOOOM...pleeeeaaaasse. I LOVE it! Mom: Then buy it with your own money. Daughter: It would be ALL of my money! Can it be an early present? ..... And it continued. I seriously was trying to stifle my laughter which was occurring for 2 reasons: This particular argument was hilarious, but more so, because it reminded me of many, many, many dressing room melt downs my mom experienced with me. Sorry mom! But who knew that those experiences would forever link me to you as I now think of you whenever I over hear a dressing room fiasco!?
  7. I'm currently eating buttered egg noodles with a little Parmesan, a lot of butter, and a dash of salt. I'm pretty sure this is what God will serve us in heaven.
  8. I was cleaning this week (because of #2) and realized something strange: I found myself enjoying it a bit. I think this is because I feel like this is a gift that I'm able to give others who walk into our home, and something I can give/do for Brent. There is a relaxing nature to clorox and vacuums that I just can't quite put my finger on :)
  9. I had a conference this week and I was out of my classroom for three days in a row! Whew. That is never fun. It is a lot of work to be gone. Thankfully I had a great sub, and my kids are awesome. I felt like there wasn't too much "clean up" that had to occur when I returned. The conference was put on by my school district and it was centered around implementing the "thinking strategies." Essentially: How do I teach my students to think about their own thinking and learning in such a way that I will become increasingly less needed? There was some worthwhile information and discussions, but the most helpful tool was observing another teacher. I think every career should have at least 1 day a year where they observe someone in their same position who is completely passionate about what they do and gives 110% everyday. It is re-energizing.
  10. I am going to wrap this up and heat up some apple crisp :)


Kali said...

1. I had the same thought today about it being so incredibly gorgeous. And it's November! I love it.

2. I was able to spend it at Megan & Alan's new place in the country which was the opposite of loud busy & dirty. And I loved every second of it. Also, Abby kept asking me what my sister's name was and at one point I heard her softly singing to herself "Kelsey Kelsey Kelsey" :)

3. Glad the apple crisp was inspiring. So good - so easy.

4. I also always laugh when I overhear dressing room conversations between mother & daughter, not thinking of myself but thinking of you & mom as well. You had some doozies, that's for sure!

5. Caroline is sleeping on Dan's chest right now and is almost snoring...and it's adorable. You should probably come back and see her soon.

Sharon said...

I'm so homesick for you both I can hardly stand it. Yes, hearing about fights in the dressing room, Clorox and vacuuming (who woulda ever thought we hear Kelsey talking about that in a positive way?), noodles, apples crisp, and sleeping babies is about to put me over the edge. Love you guys!