belated giving of thanks

I am thankful for (in no particular order):

having my screen door open on november 28th
having a basket full of clean clothes and a fridge full of left overs
a friend who is willing to drive 7 hours to spend what would have otherwise been a lonely holiday with me, all the while knowing that i wouldn't do much to entertain her but coming none the less
an incredible new niece
an incredible new nephew
(this may be a stretch but...) literally PILES of grading that still needs to happen as it reminds me of the students i get to teach and be thankful for everyday
a husband who has known me since i was an awkward 13 year old and loves me just the same
a sister who bossed me around when i was little but taught me more than pretend school
good skin (aka bare minerals makeup) and straight teeth (aka parents who paid for the braces :)
that brent and i both have jobs
that i have a job i love
my mom's innate ability to welcome others
my dad's innate ability to protect me from all harm
a legacy of Christian grandparents
the most caring and serving and loving in-laws ever
sisters-in-law that treat me as their own and make me laugh until i cry
8 healthy, fun, and intelligent nieces and nephews
a husband who does not have a temper but instead a heart that is 80 times bigger than most
family vacations
an aunt and uncle who took me in like their own child
about 15 other aunts and uncles who would have done the same
my family's sense of humor
that paige and torri have become my sisters too
that i got a few of my dad's creative genes
having the experience of moving away from home
coming from a home i want to go back to
good coffee
good pens ;)
grace (yes, i am doubly thankful)
my mom's cooking
that my parent's read to me when i was little
only having college debt and no other
the church family that helped raise me
a mother-in-law that taught my husband patience
a father-in-law that taught my husband to open doors
more grace
my college roommate
the ra's i worked with in college
gravel roads and deer season
good writer's who have inspired me

and i am thankful that all of the above have mixed and stirred to the desired consistency of who i have become.

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Anonymous said...

My dear Kelsey ... I am still recovering. You really shouldn't make me cry.
Love you always,