one of those posts where i try to catch you up on my life

Brent's birthday was a fun day. He had the day off and we hung out, did a little shopping, went out to eat, and watched a movie. It was nice to be able to spend time together in the middle of this busy time!

Also, thanks to those of you that commented on the blog post for his birthday. He said this really meant a lot to him (and if you missed commenting, you still can! Just go to the last post and comment there!)

I knew this was a long time coming...but I finally had to purchase soap! But don't worry, I have two of the foaming dispensers so this will last a VERY long time! I figure 2 years was a pretty decent stretch :) Thanks for those who made this possible!

I made crepes! I LOVE crepes, but didn't know how they would turn out without a crepe maker...they turned out just great in a skillet! Yum!

Updated my table's center piece. This felt a little more fall like.

Painted a new canvas

Displayed some wedding photos in a new way

And now to what most of you were waiting for in the first place...Caroline pictures! Kali made a quick trip up and I was able to get a few good shots of this sweet baby girl. My squeeze is turning into quite the little chunk!

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*carrie* said...

Cool centerpiece, and I like the photo collage behind it. The quote you used on your canvas is one of my favorites--in fact, it's at the bottom of my blog!

Those cheeks on Caroline! What a cutie.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kelsey.