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No, this is now a post about buttered noodles, or babies, or bubble baths, or books. It's not even about pens!! Although I do enjoy all of these things, if I added them up the sum would be no where close to what this is about. Tomorrow marks a special day-- it is the day Brent was born.

Now, before you all bail on me because you fear this is already a bit cheesy, please hang with me.

For those of you that don't know, I used to write letters to my "future husband." I began in junior high ad by the time I got married I had quite the collection. Some of the letters contained trivial details of my life, some were questions, some were dreams of our future together, and others were wonderings. Some of these wonderings included: "I wonder when your birthday is? If it's today, I wonder how you are choosing to celebrate? I can't wait until we can celebrate together."

As I folded up these almost foolish, adolescent wonderings and put them in a box, my life, my future, was unfolding before me. I was over at a guy's house-- whose name happened to be Brent-- hanging out with some of my best friends. I remember being nervous about which card to give him-- I wanted him to think I was clever and fun, but not childish; that I appreciated him, but didn't want him to know I liked him. So I picked a humorous card, he laughed, and I breathed a sigh of relief. I moved into the kitchen to help him cut up the cake and bring it to our friends who were spread out in the living room of a house I didn't know would become a part of me... a house whose breathing I would eventually know by heart.

While cutting up the cake together, he jokes with me about scrapping my college plans and attending his college. My heart jumps as I analyze the potential of what this means and why he would want me to go to the same school as him....but he quickly says, "Because if I get someone else to sign up I get $100 off my tuition." Oh. And I serve the cake.

We end up sitting on opposite couches to watch a movie (Finding Nemo had just come out on DVD) and as animated sea life flutters about on the screen before me, I can't help but glance at the birthday boy. I wonder if he has done the same to me. After a final round of "Happy Birthdays" and cake we all part ways. I tuck this night away in my bag of memories and go back to my wonderings.

I didn't know that his next birthday I would be invited back to this house, and that he would hold my hand. I didn't know then that a few years later I would spend his birthday with his ring on my finder, or that later he would be the one to read my birthday wonderings that had been tucked away in a box for so many years.

And I didn't know then that tomorrow I would be celebrating the birthday of my love.

I am so glad it was him I was wondering about all those years.

Brent: That birthday at your house was five years ago...I'm so proud to have celebrated with you every year since. You are deserving of a great day. At only 24 years of age you've proved yourself trustworthy, selfless, humble, hard working, generous, courageous, and so very kind. Thank you for making me laugh when I want to scream, for letting me cry when I want to pretend everything is okay, and for loving God first, over me. You deserve a truly wonderful day. Thank you, Beck and Joan, for bringing this incredible man into the world, and thank you, Brent, for choosing me as the lucky one who gets to eat birthday cake with you for many years to come!

I don't know if you remember but... "Happy Birthday" "Happy Birt
hday" "I like corn on the cob" -"Pay no attention to Stephanie"

I love you, Brent. Happy Birthday!

(Please leave Brent a comment to wish him a happy birthday, and as a bonus present for him, let him know a trait in him that you admire or appreciate! Thanks!) One of Brent's all time favorite pictures of us


Ana-Lou said...

Kelsey thanks for your transparency.

"Brenters" Happy 24th Birthday! A trait that I appreciate about you: A godly young man who is always giving a smile & guninely kind to others; ever since we met you summer of '87.
Kent and Ana-Maria Klundt

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brent!
I loved having you pop in and out during Kelsey's four years at NW - I miss you guys alot! I miss our visits, the meals (nobody to cook for anymore!) and loved watching YOU watch Kelsey as she went off on one of her stories! You're a wonderful couple and we're proud to call you "family."
Love, Aunt Linda
P.S. The basement does get a bit lonely at times!

Joan said...

Brent, You were due Thanksgiving in 1985 and the doctor scheduled your delivery so he and we could be home for Thanksgiving day. It was icy and rather dangerous on the roads that day and I was never so truly THANKFUL to God, to be home for Thanksgiving as I was that year, to be home and full of love for you. I have never stopped being thankful as you share this holiday with your birthday, and now I am realizing this will be the first Thanksgiving when you will come home to your own home. I love that you appreciate people for who they are. My prayer for you is to love Jesus loudly. Happy Birthday Brent William
Love Mom

Anonymous said...

I didn't know when I called you that I would be writing something too...Mom said Kels ask for what we appreciate about you. The list is long, like your patience with teams you played on and me telling you "get used to disappointment", or your kindness to a(big sister type) being unkind and you finally got big enough to stand up for yourself, or your connection to comedy that makes you and inside jokes hilarious, but the best is your integrity. When we pointed you towards the Lord you stayed true to Him and He gave you the desires of your heart.
Happy Birthday Son.

Micah Wolf said...

Happy Birthday Brenters!!!!! What I love about you is your big big heart and how you always give me big hugs! I am very thankful to have gotten to be at Kelsey's side when you guys went from friends to dating to married...and I'm thankful that God had you in mind for my best friend to marry...love you buddy. cant' wait to spend Thanksgiving with you!

Brent said...

Thanks everyone, your words have meant so much and it was a great birthday present.

And thanks Kelsey for your blog. You're the best :)

Anonymous said...

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just the usual noises said...

Whheeelll...I missed the boy that I use to boss around..Mom always told me..."you know he will be bigger than you some day and he WILL beat you up". But I think the time you grew up you were too nice, really I could barely fight with you, you were so layed back. Im so proud of you for being so well, good. Such a great brother, growing up with you was so fun. WE did laugh alot..and seeing you this last time made me miss you so much..we are so much alike I feel. I even wrote a poem to this girl at church a week ago cause in the middle of praise and worship, she went over to her big brother and they just hugged a big hug and continued to stand arm in arm. I pretty much cried because I missed you:) Anyway..I guess I just appreciate YOU.
Happy Birthday

Scot said...

Brent, you have great hair. And I'm not just saying that I mean it!

Ana-Lou said...

OO0ps I mean SUMMER '88 (after we were there for the FIRST time)

The older I get . . . well . . . memeory dates are starting to wane.

Sharon said...

While Kelsey was writing those letters to her future husband, I was praying for that same young man. I just want to say that God is faithful and gives us above and beyond what we pray for. I've heard parents say that nobody will ever be good enough to marry their daughter (and that may be true now that you and Dan are both taken!)but I can tell you that I am so thankful that it was you that she wrote those letters to. Of course, one of the things I love about you is that you make my daughter soooo happy. But I so admire your servant heart, your quiet words, your gentle spirit. I am so proud to call you my son in law.