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I will post on Y tomorrow, but for now, Brent wanted me to post his gift from the guys at work because he is super pumped about it.

I guess at the end of every internship they try and get their departing intern a little something. So last week, the 3 guys Brent works with pulled them into an office and gave him his departing gift (more about the actual departing later). The new intern is here, and they informed Jake that his gift will not be this good.

Brent opened the box and began pulling out his treasures:

First: A "final four" basketball from 2008 with a Kansas National Champions logo on it.
Next: A set of KU glasses....
But then it just kept going: This Kansas sweatshirt.

And last, but definitely not least, the thing the guys were most excited to give Brent: A piece of the flour from the 2008 National Championship game with his name engraved on the top! WHAT?!
Needless to say, Brent was super excited to come home and show me. He now plans on having a "Kansas Wall" in our bedroom (I'll update you on that progress!)

(There ya go, Scot! Jealous?!)

Brent and I both finished up our last days yesterday and went out to celebrate that plus our anniversary (more on all of this later). Today we are going to go to the pool, go yard sale-ing, grocery shopping...etc.

Hopefully I will be better at blogging now that it is summer. This last week was crazy!

Alright...off to the pool. Stay tuned for the Y blog!

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Scot said...

Yes. I am jealous.