forgotten pictures

I discovered these pictures yesterday that Brent and I took on our last days of work.

I was very happy...

[and mom, wanted you to know I wore the green shoes! --- the rest of you, many years ago mom and I were at Target and I found these cute green sandals. I asked mom if I could get them. Her response, "You'll never wear them!" Therefore, I try and let her know every time I wear them. p.s. I'm wearing them again this weekend for a wedding!]

Brent was exhausted... [oh and hey, a better shot of my shoes!]
Later we went out to eat to celebrate! Thought I'd share the pictures since I had them!

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Anonymous said...

As I was scrolling down, I noticed the green sandals and I smiled. Then I scrolled a little farther and read what you had written and I laughed. You won this one!!!

Love you! ~Mom