zzzz's & relaxZation

(Yes, can you believe it? We've made it to Z!)


Last night at about 10:15 I said the Brent, "I want to go camping."

Unfortunately, we hadn't planned ahead and it was dark and calling for rain. So the next thing I said was: "Let's set up the tent in the living room."

Brent laughed. And then said okay. We still hadn't had a chance to use our tent we got for our wedding, and decided it may be best to figure out how to set it up in the comfort of our living room and air conditioning anyway :)

Brent got out the tent and began pulling out all the different pieces and I braced myself for disaster because, well, I went on vacations with my father. However, surprisingly it turned out pretty well. :)
It barely fit in our living room, but we set up the fan and the airbed and we were in business (truly roughing it too, as you can see!)
Brent's favorite part? These cup holders that hang from the ceiling. Ha! It doesn't take much to impress him.
Unfortunately I didn't have the stuff for smores, but maybe next time :) Apparently it was comfy because we slept in until 11! Oh the joys of summer. (And don't worry, we will go "real camping" soon!)


One of the joys of summer is having no agenda. No schedule. No to-do lists (of much importance anyway). Although I do agree with Kali that some days I feel guilty for not being productive, or feel the need to "accomplish" something (what kind of society do we live in anyway that makes us feel this "need"), overall I am planning on enjoying this summer.

So today, after sleeping in until 11, we ate a little lunch, (took down the tent!), and then slathered on the sunscreen and headed to the pool!

Oh the beauty of it all! We came back around 3:30 and cleaned and relaxed a little more, and then I started supper and we had a friend over for supper and the game (Game 3 of the NBA finals). Fun day.

Tomorrow? Going on the river with some co-workers, then home again to hang out with Shane and Meagan. Other than that? Maybe read, breathe, eat some oreos? (Speaking of which, I had a Cherry Limemade from Sonic yesterday-- a real summer treat. This brings me back to the days when Kali and I would snap beans and then get to go to the pool with mom. Some days on the way home she would treat us to a Cherry Limemade. We would get one of the really big ones and share. I loved those trips home [except that one time when Kali was holding the drink and the bottom completely fell out. There was ice and lime and cherry and sticky red all over the backseat and all over us! Oh, memories of summer]

Anyway, who knows what I will do...but it will be a good day because I will choose to not feel guilty for enjoying my nothing days!


Anonymous said...


So proud of you for feeling that way.
It's OK!!!

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand the comment about impending disaster and vacationing with your dad! Will you ever forget any of our vacations? Have you not laughed a million times when relating stories about them? I choose to remember them as blessed memories of time spent together as a family!

Love you! ~Mom

Micah Wolf said...

I am so jealous of your summer vacation!!! Can't wait to see you next weekend, got your ticket!

Anonymous said...

Tent in the living room! It happens quite often when our grandkids are here! I enjoy your blogs. Keep them comming!
Aunt Mary